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Pension Rules Change: Big News! Do this work immediately by November 30, otherwise pension will stop,check details immediately

Pension Rules Change: An information has been issued by the government for all the citizens of the country who get pension. The central government has changed the rules of pension. Now pensioners will have to complete this important work at the earliest by November 30. Pensioners will have to submit their Jeevan Pramaan (Life Certificate) to the bank or post office. If there are elderly citizens in your homes who get pension from somewhere, the government has changed the rules for them. Elders who are above the age of 80, those pension-soaked elders are required to submit their life certificate in the bank or post office by November 30, otherwise their pension may stop coming.

The rules made from this date come into force

Let us tell you that the government has implemented these rules from 1 October 2021. If the pensioner does not submit his life certificate, then he may face many problems and problems for pension. However, it is not very difficult because in today’s time many banks provide online or door step facility to the citizens, through which they can easily submit their life certificate online. Pensioners can call the agent to their home by contacting the bank or post office.

Why is life certificate necessary?

Some rules have been made by the government for getting pension. In which there is also a rule that the pension will be received by the citizen only when he gives proof of his existence. If a pensioner dies and his family members hide this fact and continue to receive pension, then he is committing a legal offense. Therefore, it is mandatory for every pensioner to submit his life certificate every year within the stipulated time. By which it will be known that he is still alive.

Making life certificate even easier

As you all know that in the earlier times, elderly citizens had to go to the office to get the certificate made and according to that the officers used to make their life certificate but now the facility of making life certificate has been made even easier. Now applicants can get their life certificate through online mode. So that elderly citizens do not have to go here and there.

This is pension rule

The rules related to digital life certificate have been implemented from 1 October 2021. This rule has been made for the elderly above 80 years. Now pensioners can submit their Digital Life Certificate at Jeevan Pramaan Center of Head Post Office. Which is mandatory to be submitted by 30 November 2021. If the ID of these Jeevan Pramaan Kendras is locked then they should be activated as per the instructions of the Indian Postal Department.

Check book rules change

The old checkbook and MICR code of three banks namely Oriental Bank of Commerce, United Bank of India, Allahabad have been invalidated from 1st October as OBC and United Bank of India merged with Punjab National Bank. After which it has been announced by PNB that if the old check book and MICR code is not updated then the above will be banned. With this, Allahabad Bank has merged with Indian Bank.

Changes in rules for auto debit facilities

Reserve Bank of India has recently made it mandatory to make some adjustments in the autodebit facility of credit cards and debit cards. This special information has been issued by the bank that all the banks should do additional factor authentication. Which means that your monthly electricity payment, month’s autodebit transactional subscriptions like: Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. will not be processed unless you give permission for the same. For this, the customers of the bank will be informed for payment 24 hours in advance and if you authorize and certify the transaction then money will be debited from your bank account. You will get the information of which through SMS.

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