Pension Scheme: benefits of these pension schemes to general public, employees, know details


Pension Scheme: Many schemes are being run by the government regarding pension. These schemes are being run by the Central Government and the State Governments. They are directly benefiting the government, private employees and business class. At present, the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana is being operated, from which any worker of 18 to 40 years can register and take advantage of the scheme.

Those depositing the registration installment will get a pension of three thousand rupees every month after completing 60 years of age. Unorganized or home based workers, street hawkers, mid-day meal workers, head loaders, cobblers, garbage pickers, domestic workers, washermen, rickshaw pullers, rural landless, laborers, agricultural workers, construction workers, Bidi worker, handloom worker, Leather workers or employees associated with any such work can become beneficiaries of the scheme. For enrollment in pension scheme, nomination can be made at any Public Service Center, Common Service Center. Anyone can register in the eligible scheme. As per the eligibility conditions, the applicant should be a laborer of unorganized sector, be between the age of 18 to 40 years, monthly income should be 15 thousand or less, should not be a member of EPF, NPS, ESI, should not be an income tax payer.

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Pensioners will get life certificate from home

Pensioners will no longer have to run for a bank certificate for life. The postal department will provide them certificates right from home. This will keep their pension coming uninterrupted. The postal department has introduced this facility for all central and state government pensioners. A fee of Rs 70 per year will be charged for this service, which will be deducted from their account. The pensioner who wants to go and submit the certificate himself can get it done. Meerut Division Senior Superintendent Post Office Veer Singh said that pensioners have to provide life certificate to the bank or post office every year from October to December. For this they had to go there. Being aged, pensioners had many problems. But now the Department of Posts itself will complete this task by reaching the pensioners’ home.

Biometric Procedure: The postman will reach home with a biometric machine. After the postman completes the process, a link will come on the pensioner’s mobile. This will be a link to the certificate. On clicking this link, this certificate will automatically go to the Pension Authority. This will continue the pension without any stop. If pension comes to the post office, then the IPPB (India Post Payment Bank) will also provide pension at home.

Petition filed in Supreme Court regarding pension scheme, matter related to these employees

A petition seeking removal of disparity in pension benefits of Armed Forces personnel under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defense has been filed in the Supreme Court. This PIL filed by “Hamara Desh Hamare Jawan” Trust stated that the Center had launched a new contribution pension scheme and a notification was issued on January 1, 2004. Through this, the government made the pension scheme contribution-based, which was to be deducted from the salary of the employee. Advocate Ajay K. According to the petition filed through Aggarwal, the central government is now implementing a hybrid pension scheme for armed forces personnel under the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is a mixture of old and new pension schemes.

Preparation for use of pension and insurance funds in infra project

The government is preparing to use pension and insurance funds for infrastructure projects. The finance ministry is trying to find a way out in this matter. A decision in this direction will be taken with the pension and insurance regulators. The government believes that accelerating infrastructure projects will give momentum to the economy and investment in infrastructure projects will lead to many positive results. These include increase in employment with demand in the economy. These days, the government is exploring various options for arranging the necessary funds for infrastructure projects.

According to Tarun Bajaj, Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States are showing interest in investing their pension funds in India’s infrastructure projects. But domestic insurance companies and pension funds are still investing in products like bonds as before. He said that such type of rules should be made regarding provident fund so that the fund can be used in infrastructure projects. All such funds can be used for infrastructure projects. In this case, the way will be worked out with their regulators.

Bajaj praised the NHAI model for funding the infra projects and said that other companies could also adopt it. NHAI has set up Infrastructure Investment Trust to raise funds. There are many types of investors who will get returns in return for investing in infrastructure projects. The work of the Trust is to encourage investors to invest in such projects and prepare their way. The Finance Ministry is asking central public companies these days to accelerate the capital expenditure on infrastructure to help get the economy back on track. The ministry says that the cost estimates can also be changed if needed in the infrastructure project.


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