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Pensioners: Good News! Government made necessary announcement for pensioners, this new relief given for family pension

Modi Govt Relief: The central government has given a big relief to the pensioners. Now a new joint bank account is not mandatory for family pension in the absence of the spouse. Read the news for why the government did this.

Modi Govt Relief: The central government has advised all the pension giving banks that if the spouse ie family pensioner opts for the existing joint bank account to get family pension, then the banks should insist on opening a new account. should not be given. The government said on Saturday that a joint bank account is not mandatory for spouse pension. In a statement made by the Union Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Jitendra Singh, it has been said that the Narendra Modi government has always worked to make life easier for all sections of the society including retired and pensioned employees.

Pensioner valued

Given the experience and long service life of such people, Jitendra Singh described them as valuable to the country. According to an official statement, if the Head of Office is satisfied that it is not possible for a retiring government servant to open a joint account with his/her spouse for any reason beyond his/her reach, this requirement can be relaxed. .

No insistence on new account

In the statement issued by the Personnel Ministry, however, it was also said that it is desirable to have a joint bank account with the spouse. Jitendra Singh said that the operation of these accounts will be on the basis of former or survivor or either of the two or survivor as per the wish of the pensioner.

That’s why joint account is necessary

In a statement from the government, it has been said that it is necessary to have a joint account for family pension with the spouse in the Pension Payment Order (PPO). This account is in “former or survivor” and “either or survivor” category. Well, it completely depends on the wishes of the pensioners.

Joint account saves from hassle

The joint account is opened so that in case of death of the pensioner, the spouse does not face much problem in getting the pension. Its purpose is to give relief to the pensioners and not to create problems for them.



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