Pensioners got a new year gift! The government made a big announcement regarding the life certificate


Life certificate means life certificate is the proof of the pensioner’s survival. If it is not deposited, the pension can be stopped. While giving relief, the Central Government has extended the date of submission of life certificate.

new Delhi. The central government has made a big announcement for pensioners before the new year. Which you can consider as a New Year gift. After this order of the central government, pensioners will now be able to submit the life certificate i.e. their survival certificate by 28 February 2021. Let us tell you that before this, pensioners had to submit a life certificate from 1 November 2020 to 31 December 2020. Which has been extended by the Central Government in consultation with the Controller General of Accounts.

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In fact, the central government has taken this decision for pensioners in view of the increasing impact of the Corona epidemic. After this decision, pensioners will now be able to submit their life certificate from 1 November 2020 to 28 February 2021. During this time, pensioners will continue to receive their pension without any hindrance.

Government has given special facility to pensioners over 80 years- According to government rules, every pensioner has to submit his life certificate in the month of November every year. Only after this, the government keeps pensioners pension. If any pensioners do not submit their life certificate during this period, then their pension is withheld. In such a situation, the central government gave the facility to the elderly pensioners over 80 years to submit a life certificate from October 1.

With the help of the postman, the house will be deposited – Recently a new facility has also been introduced for pensioners of the Central Government and that is to provide service to the pensioners at the door of the house to submit life certificates online to the pensioners. However, this service will be charged and it will be available to all central government pensioners across the country.

Let’s know the answers to all the questions related to this …

  • What is a life certificate
    Life certificate means life certificate is the proof of the pensioner’s survival. If it is not deposited, the pension can be stopped. While giving relief, the Central Government has increased the date of submission of life certificate to 28 February 2021.
  • Where to submit the life certificate
    Pensioners can submit their life certificate physically or manually by visiting their pension account’s bank branch or any branch. You can submit it digitally through your PC / Laptop / Mobile from, from nearest Aadhaar outlet / CSC, through Umang app. Aadhaar number, mobile number, pension payment order (PPO) number and account number will be required to submit a digitally life certificate. In order to submit a life certificate in physical form, it can be downloaded from the website of the banks and submitted.
  • What will happen if you do not submit the life certificate
    Life certificate means life certificate is the proof of the pensioner’s survival. If it is not deposited, the pension can be stopped. Till now, in order to continue getting pension, pensioners have to submit their life certificate in the bank in which the pension comes.
  • What is Jeevan Pramaan Certificate Service
    Jeevan Pramaan is an Aadhaar based digital life certificate. With the help of life proof, pensioners now have to go to their nearest bank branch, common service center i.e. CSC or any government office to biometrically authenticate the life certificate through Aadhaar number. Also, some other pension details have to be given to your pension bank account. After this it is stored digitally. The bank branch from which the pensioner takes pension, had to first appear in the respective branch as proof of his survival. It used to be quite troublesome for pensioners, especially for pensioners with poor health or relocated pensioners. For the benefit of pensioners, the government launched the Jeevan Pramaan facility in November 2014. With this coming, pensioners are no longer required to go to the same branch of the bank and submit a life certificate from where their pension comes.
  • How to get a Jeevan Pramaan certificate
    You have to submit your original PPO, Aadhaar card, bank passbook, photocopy of all these, name of the Pension Sanctioning Authority, certificate to the nearest bank branch, CSC or government office address in ‘Locate Center’ at Digital life certificate can be authenticated from the Aadhaar number only when the pensioner’s account is linked to the Aadhaar number. After successful submission of the Digital Life Certificate, the pensioner gets an SMS on the registered mobile number, which contains the transaction ID. Using this ID, pensioners can download a computer generated life certificate from
  • Submission through Umang App
    You have to search for life proof on the Umang app and click on Generate Life Certificate. After this, the pensioner authentication page will open. In this, digital life certificate can be generated by filling the necessary information.
  • Registration for Digital Life  Certificate 
    For this, registration can be done through CSC, life proof centers run by banks and government offices. Or it can be registered by downloading client application on computer, mobile or tablet. Complete information from, and Can be taken.
  • Important things related to life certificate
    If the pensioner has been re-employed or the family pensioner has remarried, then the life certificate will have to be submitted only in the physical format. Life proof is not valid for whole life. Its validity period is the validity period as per the rules set by the Pension Sanctioning Authority. After this Vali Dity period is over, a new certificate is required.


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