People did not like Modi’s message to the nation’s name, BJP hid numbers if dislikes increased


Modi also joined hands on Corona: People did not like the message of the name of the nation, disguise increased on YouTube, BJP hid the numbers

New Delhi 19 hours ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought the message to the country for the seventh time in seven months. Apparently his message was also on Corona. He spoke for 12 minutes. Mentioned a couplets of Kabirdas. Ramcharit told the matter written in the psyche. The six festivals of the three religions mention Navratri, Dussehra, Eid, Deepawali, Chhath Puja and Guru Nanak Jayanti. Then in Bihar, 8 days before the voting, he made an appeal – ‘Unless corona medicine is done, then it will not be relaxed.’

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Before Modi’s country name message, BJP’s YouTube channel had more dislikes than likes. When Modi’s 12-minute speech was about to end, the BJP hid the disliked numbers from its channel. That is, you could like and dislike here, but could not know its number. However, Modi’s speech on the channels of PMO, Narendra Modi and PIB had more likes than dislikes. So numbers were seen here. You could comment on the link of Modi’s speech on the official channel of Narendra Modi, but you could not see the comments of the rest.



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