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Petrol price in Delhi is primarily influenced by the purchasing cost of crude oil which is subject to differ, the currency exchange value between USD and INR, the commission of the supplier or dealer of the fuel pump, the central excise duty, the VAT imposed by the state government. The retail selling price of petrol or RSP is directly influenced by any rise or decline in crude oil rates. The central excise tax is the same nationally, but the state VAT rate varies from state to state. Because of the lower state VAT levied on petrol in Delhi, a litre of oil costs you less in Delhi. Another significant factor is the exchange rate of the USD against the INR. The purchasing cost of oil will rise if the INR declines against the USD; the purchasing cost of oil will decline if the INR rises against the USD. The cost of petrol in Delhi is therefore similarly influenced by any ups and downs in crude oil rates.   

Fuel price price Snippet in Delhi

TODAY PETROL PRICE Rs.[today-petrol-price city=NewDelhi] Per Litre
TODAY DIESEL PRICE Rs.[today-diesel-price city=NewDelhi] Per Litre
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LOCATION Delhi, New Delhi


How petrol rates are updated in Delhi?

State-run oil firms such as Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, and Bharat Petroleum regulate the petrol industry in New Delhi, like every other city in India. Actively, all of these oil producers are updating diesel and petrol rates on a regular basis, also known as dynamic fuel pricing. The new pricing model was developed and enforced in mid-June 2017 by the Government of India. Each filling station in Delhi whether automated or non-automated update the petrol rates in Delhi on a regular basis at 6.00 A.M every morning due to the influence of Dynamic Fuel Pricing. Be sure to make a track of the revised rates that each bunk will reflect. Fuel prices are rising slightly in the region at present. If you are a retail customer, you will not be influenced much by regular price revisions. Still, a minute decline or a hike will make a major difference to your billing amount if you are a buyer of petrol in higher volume. In reality, across the country, the latest fuel pricing system is in operation presently since June 2017.   

Delhi Petrol Price in last 10 days

[fuel-price city=NewDelhi]

Graphical representation of fuel price in Delhi

[fuel-price city=NewDelhi view=graph]

Check Petrol price Trend in Delhi for last few month

[fuel-price-trend city=NewDelhi fuel_type=petrol]



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