Petrol Price in Thiruvananthapuram 9 March, 2021 is 93.03

As prices of crude oil have been indicating a firm trend, Petrol price in Trivandrum have been fluctuating a lot these days. Petrol and diesel prices are revised on a daily basis and it is a good idea to check today’s petrol price in Trivandrum especially if you are planning or heading for a long drive. The value of dollar has increased when comparing it to Indian rupee, which has impacted petrol prices in Trivandrum and made petrol even more expensive than before. There is some news making the rounds that the government will take some initiatives to reduce excise duty that will reduce the petrol in coming few days.

The capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum metropolitan city is nation’s main hub for IT sector. There are a several temples and educational institutes in the city and in the last few years the city has grown immensely. With the rising population Trivandrum’s number of automobiles both two-wheeler and four-wheelers has also gone up which very well indicates the huge usage of fuel in the city.

Most of the fuel stations in Trivandrum are operated by State-owned oil marketing companies such as Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Hindustan Petroleum. The petrol price in Trivandrum is changed on a regular basis and it’s important to understand how the price of petrol is calculated. Below we have mentioned some insights into the various factors that lead to change in petrol price in Trivandrum.

Modification in the price of International Crude Oil: As you are aware of the fact that India buys crude oil from countries where oil is produced and the nature of crude oil costs are dynamic which varies depending on many factors such as increased demand, supply shortages, production cuts or geopolitical factors. The price we pay to purchase one liter of petrol in Trivandrum is determined by some of these factors. Any adjustment in the exchange rate of Indian currency and US dollar, affects both the Trivandrum’s petrol price and other cities across India.

Rupees and Dollar Exchange Rate: OMCs acquire crude oil by paying the price in US dollars, any fluctuations in the value of the dollar leads to the change of the price of the petrol. If the value of dollar increases than it will also lead to the increase the petrol price in Trivandrum as well as in other cities in India.

Applicable tax: Another important factor that influences the price of petrol in any region is the taxation. The states levy Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel that also includes petroleum products. Any change in taxes leads to the change in the price of fuel in the state.

Dealer’s commission: Fuel stations or oil refineries are run to store and dispense petrol and diesel to customers for which the suppliers make a profit.

Thiruvananthapuram Petrol Price in last 10 days

Dates Petrol Price Diesel Price
2021-03-09 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-08 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-07 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-06 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-05 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-04 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-03 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-02 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-03-01 INR 93.03 INR 87.52
2021-02-28 INR 93.03 INR 87.52

Graphical representation of fuel price in Trivandrum

Check Petrol price Trend in Trivandrum for last few months

March 2021

Petrol Price
1st, March Rs.93.03
9th, March Rs.93.03
Highest on March Rs.93.03 on 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th March
Lowest on March Rs.93.03 on 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th March
Overall Performance Increasing
Change % 0%

February 2021

Petrol Price
1st, February Rs.88.31
28th, February Rs.93.03
Highest on February Rs.93.03 on 28th February
Lowest on February Rs.88.31 on 1st,2nd,3rd February
Overall Performance Increasing
Change % +5.07%

January 2021

Petrol Price
7th, January Rs.86.47
31st, January Rs.88.31
Highest on January Rs.88.31 on 28th,29th,30th,31st January
Lowest on January Rs.86.09 on 14th January
Overall Performance Decreasing
Change % +2.08%

Check today’s 9 March, 2021 petrol price rates in India.

Cities Petrol Price Diesel Price
Agra INR 89.06 INR 81.53
Ahmedabad INR 88.29 INR 87.72
Aligarh INR 89.31 INR 81.81
Allahabad INR 89.23 INR 81.77
Ambala INR 88.59 INR 81.57
Amravati INR 98.91 INR 89.97
Aurangabad INR 94.71 INR 87.88
Bareilly INR 89.32 INR 81.85
Belgaum INR 94.05 INR 86.24
Bhopal INR 99.19 INR 89.75
Chandigarh INR 87.71 INR 81.15
Chennai INR 93.1 INR 86.44
Coimbatore INR 93.54 INR 86.89
Cuttack INR 92.15 INR 89.03
Dehradun INR 89.88 INR 82.11
Dindigul INR 93.88 INR 87.22
Erode INR 93.6 INR 86.95
Faridabad INR 89.36 INR 82.28
Ghaziabad INR 89.21 INR 81.72
Gulbarga INR 93.99 INR 86.18
Guntur INR 97.27 INR 90.8
Gurgaon INR 89.09 INR 82.03
Guwahati INR 87.68 INR 81.91
Hyderabad INR 94.77 INR 88.84
Indore INR 99.23 INR 89.81
Jabalpur INR 99.2 INR 89.78
Jaipur INR 97.7 INR 89.96
Jalgaon INR 98.59 INR 88.24
Jammu INR 90.98 INR 82.14
Jamnagar INR 88.21 INR 87.63
Jamshedpur INR 88.49 INR 86.05
Jodhpur INR 97.56 INR 89.84
Kakinada INR 97.38 INR 90.85
Kannur INR 91.57 INR 86.17
Kanpur INR 89.04 INR 81.52
Karnal INR 88.58 INR 81.54
Karur INR 93.38 INR 86.75
Kolhapur INR 97.74 INR 87.43
Kolkata INR 91.34 INR 84.33
Kota INR 97.24 INR 89.53
Kozhikode INR 91.62 INR 86.21
Kurnool INR 97.55 INR 91.06
Lucknow INR 89.3 INR 81.84
Ludhiana INR 92.51 INR 83.53
Madurai INR 93.65 INR 87.01
Malappuram INR 92.01 INR 86.58
Mangalore INR 93.44 INR 85.61
Meerut INR 89.06 INR 81.54
Mumbai INR 97.55 INR 88.58
Mysore INR 93.8 INR 85.98
Nagercoil INR 93.93 INR 87.27
Nagpur INR 97.37 INR 87.09
Nanded INR 99.53 INR 89.16
NASIK INR 97.89 INR 87.55
Nellore INR 97.51 INR 90.97
Newdelhi INR 91.21 INR 81.51
Noida INR 89.36 INR 81.89
Patna INR 93.46 INR 86.71
Pondicherry INR 91.32 INR 84.78
Pune INR 97.19 INR 86.88
Raipur INR 89.6 INR 88.22
Rajkot INR 88.07 INR 87.52
Ranchi INR 88.59 INR 86.19
Ratlam INR 99.04 INR 89.62
Salem INR 93.89 INR 87.23
Sangli INR 97.37 INR 87.09
Shimla INR 88.85 INR 80.68
Shimoga INR 95.4 INR 87.37
Solapur INR 97.5 INR 87.2
Srinagar INR 94.32 INR 84.98
Surat INR 88.32 INR 87.77
Thane INR 97.63 INR 88.65
Thanjavur INR 93.67 INR 87.03
Thrissur INR 91.83 INR 86.38
Tirunelveli INR 93.41 INR 86.77
Udaipur INR 98.37 INR 90.59
Udupi INR 93.68 INR 85.83
Vadodara INR 87.97 INR 87.4
Varanasi INR 89.83 INR 82.46
Vellore INR 94.18 INR 87.47
Warangal INR 94.35 INR 88.43

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