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PF Update: This is the way to change the name and date of birth in the account, you should also know

Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF account, which is opened by the Government of India, helps salaried people to deposit a part of their salary to build their retirement fund. This money can be used as a backup after retirement. But sometimes the date of birth, name and other details entered in the EPF do not match with the details in the Aadhar card. This can cause trouble. Also, there will be delay in withdrawing money from PF account during retirement. That’s why it is better to rectify even a small mistake beforehand. Know how to change name and date of birth in EPF account.

Both the employee and the employer must request

Employees of almost all government and private companies are members of EPFO. If an employee is facing any discrepancy in his name or date of birth and wants to rectify the same, both the employer and the employee will have to make a joint request to EPFO for rectification. Correction of name, date of birth in PF account can be done both online and offline.

What will be needed

The employee can make changes in his details online which will require Aadhaar card number, access to the integrated portal website of EPFO and an active UAN. Also, the employer will have to forward the online request for correction to the EPFO. Before you proceed to make changes in EPFO records, ensure that your Aadhaar card contains all the details that you wish to correct.

Here is the step by step process

The updation of details in PF account will be done at two levels. One at the employee level and the other at the employer level. First, the employee has to submit the changes to the employer online on the member unified portal. The system will compare the requested changes with similar ones received from the UIDAI platform. After verification, the request will be transferred to the employer. The employer will later send the same to EPFO online with the request of the employee to make necessary changes in the EPFO details. EPFO processes the necessary corrections.

This is offline way

If the employees prefer to change their name and date of birth offline, they can also do so. For this, a joint declaration form of both the employer and the employee will have to be filed and submitted along with supporting documents to EPFO. Once the correction form is submitted, necessary correction will be done in the PF account details.

Keep this in mind

In the online process, you may get a message that says “Aadhaar is already verified. Your details are not editable. This means that your Aadhar card is already verified and no further changes can be made in it.” So, if you have to make any changes in your PF account details, you must first update the same in Aadhaar so that necessary changes can be made in EPFO account later.


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