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It is most likely we are nearing the end of the lockdown at least in a gradual manner but until anything is made certain, we shall continue to find ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained. One such game if you need to have a go at during these crazy times is 13 card rummy game. A cross variation between Rummy 500 and Gin rummy, 13 card Indian rummy games are the newest upgrade that are featured in online gaming platforms of India.

Easy and quick to learn, this 13 card Indian rummy game is typically played between 2-6 players with a standard 52 card deck. Online gaming rooms have upped the stakes even more by introducing several cash games, nail-biting tournaments, and freeroll games along with attractive rewards on the winning end.

The scope of play is enormous in 13 card rummy game which is why we shall talk about this amazing card game today and discuss its specific rules and features so that you can hop on board right away.

13 Card Indian Rummy Rules

13 card rummy game latches on the understanding of certain attributes such as Mathematics, Psychology, Risk and Asset management tied with Analytical Thinking. In this variant of rummy, players are required to form valid combinations from their allotted cards and the one who declares first among all with valid combinations wins the game with zero points.

Here are the specific 13 card rummy rules.

  • Each player is distributed 13 cards each from which players are required to form valid sets and sequences
  • A sequence is formed by arranging at least 3 cards in a serial order such as 7,8,9. A set is formed by arranging at least 3 cards of the same rank such as Kh,Kc,Ks.
  • A joker can be used as a wild card to replace any missing cards in a combination.
  • One of very important 13 card rummy rules is that players must arrange at least one pure sequence to make a valid declaration. Example of a pure sequence is 3 serial cards or more of the same suit such as 8h,9h,10h.
  • Players need to pick cards from the closed deck/open deck and discard an unwanted card in the open deck to replace the one he/she picked.
  • The player who makes a valid combination of sets and sequences and declares them first among all wins the game with zero points.
  • All other players can score points according to the face and number value of their remaining cards

Scoring System in 13 cards rummy game

Each card in this variant is scored according to the face value and number value of the cards. Here is the scoring system.

  • All numbered cards are scored accordingly. For example, numbers 1-10 carry exactly the same value as their numbers.
  • Face cards such as A, K, Q, J,10 carry 10 points each.
  • A losing player can score a maximum of 80 points.

Now that we have the gameplay along with the 13 card rummy rules laid out, it’s time to look for an online rummy portal that can offer the best online rummy games and tournaments with the most amazing set of rewards.

RummyBaazi: Play 13 card rummy game online 24*7

India’s Most Rewarding Website, RummyBaazi (RB) is a sister company of Baazi Games who are leading the industry with top-grade offerings on their popular verticals, PokerBaazi (online poker) and BalleBaazi (fantasy sports). RB is also upping the ante with ingenious games and high value online tournaments of online rummy on its 13 card game app.

The online rummy portal is equipped with the latest software featuring an attractive UI for seamless user experience on its app that’s lightweight and less on battery consumption. We are mentioning a list of games and tournaments you can enjoy this month on RummyBaazi.

  1. 1LAC Sunday Special

Play this monster-sized rummy tournament for a negligible buy-in of just INR 1000 every Sunday at 8 pm prime time by using deposit code, “SunLakhpati” on the 13 card game app.

  1. 30K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll

Play 13 card game online daily at 9 pm for a buy-in of just INR 300 using deposit code, “Daily30K” on the 13 card game app and claim an attractive share every day from this prize pool every day of the month.

  1. Online Rummy Cash Games

Play 13 card rummy game online for cash on the RB app for as low as INR 4 and unlock the road to win even bigger rewards and real cash prizes worth up to 2LAC. Hit as many cash tables of 13 card rummy game and earn Reward Points on each game whether you win or lose.

These Reward Points are the key to unlocking RummyBaazi’s Loyalty Rewards treasure chest that includes the coolest gadgets, trending smartphones, holiday packages and real cash prizes in plenty.

Summing Up

13 card rummy game is attracting a new generation of online rummy players due to such ramped up games and tournaments with great winnings. The competition is legit and worth every minute of your time especially during lockdown when you can counter the blues and also earn handsome money!

See you at the tables!



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