PM Kisan Bank Status : PM-kisan scheme: 6.23 lakhs in 6 days and 2000-2000 rupees reached in bank account of farmers

PM Kisan: 20 lakh farmers will have to return Rs 1,364 crores, even if you are not in them, such checks
PM Kisan: 20 lakh farmers will have to return Rs 1,364 crores, even if you are not in them, such checks

PM Kisan Bank Status: Didn’t the money come to your bank account, check status The PM Kisan Scheme will get benefits only if the documents are correct

Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme (PM-kisan Scheme), the money of the 7th installment will be sent to the bank account of the farmers till 31 March 2021. As the verification of the record of the donors by the states will continue to be received by the Center, the money will be released. Meanwhile, in the last 6 days, the Modi government has sent Rs 6,22,969 and 2000-2000 to the farmers. So that they can fulfill their needs related to farming.

If money has not come in your bank account even after application, then check your record if there is any mistake in it. If we get the mistake corrected, you will get benefit in the next few days. Otherwise you may be deprived of an installment. You will get money from when your verification takes place. There is currently no provision for getting the last installment. Even after applying to 1.44 crore farmers of the country, they could not get the money just because there is a flaw in their records or there is no Aadhar card.

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How many farmers have a good record

On August 25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi transferred 18 thousand crores to the bank account of 9 crore farmers as the 7th installment. Even after that, the order of sending money continues. Now till December, there are 11.45 beneficiaries of this scheme. These are farmers whose papers are well maintained. The government wants that through this scheme, more and more farmers will be increased by giving money directly to their account.

How much money will you get

Through this scheme, in the last 24 months, the central government has transferred 1.1 lakh crore rupees directly to the accounts of farmers. A budget of about 75 thousand crores has been kept for this scheme every year. That is, in the next 10 years, farmers will get about 7 and a half lakh crores. Its registration is always open. The farmer can apply at any time. For this, he does not have to go round the agriculture department officials.


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