“PM Modi Completely Failed In Controlling COVID-19 Situation”: Asaduddin Owaisi


The lockdown was unconstitutional and unplanned, said Asaduddin Owaisi.

Hyderabad (Telangana): All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) party President and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Monday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “taken the country for a ride” as far as management of COVID-19 in the country and has completely failed in controlling the coronavirus situation.

“Don’t keep hopes on Modi Ji that he will save you from the virus. Clapping hands or lighting diyas will not avoid the spread. The Government of India led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completely failed in controlling the coronavirus situation,” Owaisi told media persons at a press conference.

“The lockdown was unconstitutional and unplanned. It was imposed by the Modi government at a time when only around 500 people had contracted the virus. Now there are lakhs of people affected,” he added.

He further said: “When more than crores of migrant labourers have got back to their states then the lockdown is being lifted. Who is responsible for 85 labourers who died in the trains? All of them belonged to the OBC, scheduled tribes. A journalist died yesterday. Who will talk about them? The government only talks about an elephant. The government is only interested in managing headlines.”

Speaking on the China issue, Mr Owaisi stated: “The Home Minister and Defence Minister of India can easily tell what exactly they are speaking to the Chinese. They can tell the people of the country as to what is going on. Why are they silent? We demand that the Prime Minister should tell us how much of the Indian territory is occupied by the Chinese. Why is silence being maintained by BJP and RSS supporters on this issue? This has been their (China”s) modus operandi that once the ice starts melting they come and occupy the Indian territory.”

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Owaisi distributed touch-free sanitiser dispensers to representatives from mosques, temples, gurudwaras, churches across Hyderabad and adjoining areas.

He further appealed to people: “No person aged above 65 years or children less than 12 years should enter the mosques. People can pray wearing masks. No water for ablution and toilet in mosques should be provided. People can fulfil the necessity at their houses and then start for prayers. Social distancing must be maintained in the mosques, carpets should be removed and people are requested to carry their own carpets or cloth to worship.” This comes after the worship places are open for the public from today.

Speaking on Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao’s issue about the notice served by the National Green Tribunal, Mr Owaisi said, “KT Rama Rao is a successful minister and I stand by him. He has already given a clarification, then we have to believe him.”


  1. तुने क्या उखड़ लिया? तेरे जैसे लोगों के कारन ही देश आगे नही बढ़ पा रहा. सही केह रहे हो पीएम तेरे जैसे गदारो को खतम करने मे फ़ेल हो गये. एक बार ईस वायेरस की दवा मिल जाये फ़िर तुम सब देशद्रोही लोगों की भी दवा की जाएगी.

    • Are jahil, puraa hindustan jahil ho gya hai…kya hindu muslim kar leke baithey ho..cipla jaisi company kiski hai malum, ek musalman ki, jiskey medicine kha ke tum jeetey ho, abhi jo testing kits india main hai voh ek musalman bna rha hai..

      I am not a muslim fan..

      They are a part of India , out of 132 crore , 25 crores are muslims , and out of which 25lakh people are bekar that doesn’t mean, all are..humanity matters, tumko khane ke liye Biriyani, Haleem chahiyey, lekin musalman se nafrat..

      Ek tabliki na

      1.1800 gujrati people evacuation from Haridwar, 28th March (lockdown period)
      2.1500 priests in Maharastra on 30 tg March
      3.Ram Navami rally
      4. Punjabis in Maharastra (all167 are positive)
      5.UP a cow died, over 10k people came, in this case corona come or Kareena Kapoor.
      6.Karnataka Rath Yatra in May

      TV news like, Republic, ABP show what BJP wants, not the fact, grow up guys…

  2. Huhhh! If the nations command goes into people like Asaduddin Owaisi, then the whole nation will be flushed into toilets! “Inki baat me aur gadhe ki paad me koi farq nahi.” Khudka payjama sambhala nahi jata aur dusre ki dhoti me chhed dhundte hai ye log. #Bunchofbaboons!! Sorry, even baboons are smarter than Owaisi.


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