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PMSYM Scheme: Join this scheme .. Get Rs 3000 pension .. Full details are for you ..

PMSYM Scheme: It is a known fact that the Central Government has launched the Prime Minister’s Shrama Yogi Mandhan Yojana in 2019 for the benefit of unorganized workers. There are many benefits to workers from this scheme. Workers who have joined it beyond the age of 60 .. Rs per month. 3000 will get a pension. It is still possible to join this scheme. Let us now know the full details of this scheme which will benefit the workers.

Who is eligible for this scheme ..?

Working in unorganized sectors, he earns Rs. Workers earning less than Rs 15,000 are eligible for the Prime Minister’s Shrama Yogi Mandhan Yojana. 18 to 40 year olds can register their name in this scheme.

How to join this scheme ..?

Eligible subscribers can go to Common Service Centers (CSCs) and register details. To start this pension scheme you need to have a savings bank account, Jandhan account, Aadhaar card. There are 3.13 lakh CSC centers across the country. It is possible to join any of these schemes.

What is the scheme like? If the

subscriber who joins the scheme pays 50 per cent premium, the Central Government will also deposit the same. If the subscriber who joined the scheme dies .. his nominee (spouse) can continue the scheme. 60 per month for a subscriber beyond 60 years. Pension is available at the rate of Rs. However, they will be given a receipt after the first month of payment. In addition .. Cards with unique ID numbers are also provided.

In case of withdrawal in the

meantime .. If the subscriber who has joined this scheme leaves earlier than ten years .. the amount deposited till then will be paid along with interest. Ten years later, if you opt out of the scheme before the age of 60, you will be given interest or, whichever is higher, the savings bank interest rate. In addition .. the beneficiary’s share will also be refunded.


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