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PNB Customers Alert! Bank increased the charge for this service from January 15 – now this much money will have to be paid

There is very important news for the customers of Punjab National Bank (PNB). If you are also a customer of Punjab National Bank, then now you will have to pay a higher amount for some services of the bank. According to the information given on the website of PNB, the limit of quarterly minimum balance in the account of customers of metro cities has been increased from the current Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000.

More charge will be taken for these services

Locker fee has been increased for all sectors and for all types of lockers except for lockers of XL size. The locker fee has been increased by Rs 500 in urban and metro areas. Earlier, 15 free locker visits were scheduled in a year; After this a fee of Rs 100 was charged per visit. From January 15, the number of free locker visits will come down to 12, after which customers will be charged Rs 100 per visit.

These charges will also increase

According to the new tariff, from February 1, if any of your installments or investments fails due to lack of money in the debit account, then Rs 250 will have to be paid for it. Till now, a charge of Rs 100 was charged for this. If you cancel the demand draft, now you will have to pay Rs 150. Only 100 rupees were charged for this. In a separate notification on PNB’s website, the bank has said that with effect from February 1, 2022, the return fee on NACH debit will be Rs 250 per transaction instead of Rs 100 per transaction.

That is, even in case of return of check, there will be more charge now. The charge on checks of less than Rs 1 lakh has been increased from Rs 100 to Rs 150. For check returns with a value of more than Rs 1 lakh, instead of Rs 200, a charge of Rs 250 will have to be paid. If you deposit money from savings account 3 times in a month in a bank branch, then it will be free, but for more than that, you will have to pay Rs 50 per transaction charge. Earlier it was Rs 25 and there was free transaction 5 times in a month.



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