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PNB home loan offer zero processing fee documentation charges know the details

Even though RBI has not made any change in the interest rates, but banks are offering various offers to woo the customers on their behalf. Home loan customers can take advantage of this offer of PNB.

PNB Home Loan Offer: If you are thinking of taking a home loan, then you have a great opportunity to take a loan at affordable rates. Punjab National Bank (PNB) has offered offers under the Independence Day Home Loan Offer. This offer can be availed till 30th September.Also Read:CM Yogi Adityanath gave a wonderful gift to women on Rakshabandhan, will travel for free

PNB offers on home loan

Under the PNB Independence Day Home Loan Offer, the offers will not charge any processing fee from the customers, that is, the home loan will be available without any processing fee and documentation charge. PNB is offering home loan at 6.80 percent to the customers. That is, those taking home loan from PNB will get home loan at lower rates as well as both the charges will also be waived. PNB has tweeted about this – Get freedom from processing fee & documentation charges.Also Read: With Whatsapp, you will be able to send thousands of rupees in minutes, know how to use the feature

Offer on PNB Gold Monetization

PNB is also giving an opportunity for gold monetization. Gold jewelery that is lying idle with you, you can earn with the help of it. At least 10 grams of gold can be deposited under the Gold Monetization Scheme. The bank is offering three options for deposit. The short term deposit will be of 1-3 years. Medium term deposits will be of 5-7 years and long term deposits will be of 12-15 years. Under short term deposits, interest of 0.50 percent for 1 year, 0.60 percent for 1-2 years and 0.75 percent for 2-3 years will be available. The interest rate for medium term deposits is 2.25%, while for long term deposits this interest rate is 2.50 percent.Also Read: Know how this QR-code feature of WhatsApp works?

SBI Auto Loan Offers

Let us tell you that SBI had also introduced many types of offers for retail customers in the past. SBI has said in a statement that it will not charge processing fees from its auto loan customers, and will also finance 90 percent on-road on car loans. Not only this, customers who apply for a car loan through the bank’s YONO app will also get a special discount of 25 basis points (0.25%) in interest rates. SBI says that car loans will be made available to YONO users at an interest rate of 7.5% per annum.Also Read:Invest post office santosh life insurance scheme 44 rupees daily and get rs 13 lakhs benefits

SBI Gold Loan Offer

Apart from this, customers who want to take a gold loan will get a discount of 75 basis points (0.75%) at 7.5% interest rate. If customers apply for gold loan through YONO app, then processing fee will also be waived for them. SBI is also giving relief to its customers from processing fees on home loans. The bank has announced that its home loan customers will also not have to pay processing fees till August 31, 2021, SBI’s home loan interest rates start at 6.7% per annum.



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