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Police will not be able to stop seeing jawan stealing eggs, laughing viral

Every day videos on social media go viral. A video brings a smile to your face and anger to someone. A video is going viral on social media these days, in which a policeman is seen innocently stealing eggs in a uniform. A journalist named Sanjay Tripathi tweeted this video. He captioned it, ‘There is great innocence in this theft, otherwise the one with uniform takes hank’s arms.’

In the viral video, the policeman is seen in uniform. He has a turban on his head. Punjab’s number is recorded on the motorcycle standing in front. Because of this, it is being said that this video is from the Punjab Police.

In the viral video, the jawan is seen keeping eggs in his pocket by avoiding sight of a cart on the road. He kept two or three eggs one by one in his pocket. He started trying to get out before the handler arrived. On Twitter, people are commenting on the Punjab Police in various ways.



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