Pope Francis described homosexuals as children of God, said – get equal rights


Rome. Pope Francis has said that he thinks same-sex couples should get equal civil rights. Pope Francis made this remark in a documentary directed by Yivjini Afinevsky. His comment is the clearest comment he has made on the gay relationship by the experts. This documentary premiered on Wednesday. In this film, he stated clearly that gay people have the right to remain in the family.

‘Homosexuals get the right to live in a family’

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In the film, Pope Francis described him as a child of God and said that he too has the right to live in a family. No one should be separated from the family just because they are gay, nor should their life be made miserable simply by being gay. My support for the fight for the rights of homosexuals, while emphasizing on giving civil rights to gay couples, he said that what we have to make is a civil union law. In this way they will be able to get legal form rights. They said that they are standing with them in the fight for their rights. When Pope Francis was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and was opposing same-sex marriages in law, he also supported legal protection for the rights of gay couples.

The film ‘Francesco’, related to the life and work of Pope Francis, premiered as part of the Rome Feel Festival. The film also featured the Pope’s remarks on civil unions, as well as encouraging two gay men to attend church with their three children.

In current Catholicism, homosexual relationships are considered misguided or perverse behavior. In 2003, the Vatican’s doctrinal body stated in a conference involving faith that our respect for homosexuals can in no way sanction homosexual behavior or the legal recognition of homosexual associations. This is his first outspoken support of Pope Francis as a pope in relation to homosexuals – and will undoubtedly be welcomed by the liberal wing of the church and criticized by conservatives.



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