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Post Office: New Rules from August 1 ..!

Do you have an account with Post Office Bank? But you must know these things. New Rules are coming for Post Payments Bank customers. If you go into full details for these ..

New Rules are coming into force for Post Payments Bank customers. It seems that these rules will come into force on August 1. However, it seems that this new policy is likely to have a negative impact on many people.

Looking at those rules, it seems that IPPB customers will have to pay for doorstep banking services from August 1. But now you do not have to pay for these doorstep banking services. But it seems that one has to pay Rs 20 from the first date.

If this were the case , those who had an account with India Post Payment Bank would have received 2.75 per cent interest in the past. But now even those interest rates have changed. Now only 2.5 per cent interest is coming. It also has a slight effect.

Another important thing is that the IPPB app is very easy to use. Post office customers can access their bank balance, money transfer services and other financial services through the IPPB app. You can get these services through a home-based app.



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