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Post Office Strong scheme: Big News! Deposit Rs 50 daily, Rs 35,00000/, know how

India Post Office offers many investment plans to the investors that are safe and guaranteed. Post office investment plans are safer to invest in than the stock market related schemes. Basically, these schemes are not dependent on equity performance. Investors willing to invest in these safe investment options can without hesitation invest in post office schemes for securing the future, fulfilling a long-term goal or for children’s futures. Here we will give you information about such a scheme of post office today, in which you can get Rs 35 lakh by depositing just Rs 50 daily.

What is the scheme

There is a post office scheme, in which investors can get up to Rs 35 lakh at the time of maturity by depositing just Rs 1500 every month. The scheme we are talking about here today is the Village Security Scheme of the Post Office. You can get a profit of 31 to 35 lakhs by depositing just Rs 50. But keep in mind that you have to deposit this amount regularly.

Who can invest

There is no age rule in this scheme. Anyone between the age group of 19 to 55 years can invest in this post office scheme. But only Indian citizens. Secondly, the minimum sum assured under the plan is Rs 10,000. Its maximum limit can be up to 10 lakh rupees.

How to deposit premium

There are many different options for paying premium under the post office scheme. These include monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly. Investors also get a grace period of 30 days to pay the premium. Apart from this, if you invest continuously in the scheme, then you can also take advance after a certain time.

How to get Rs 35 lakh

If an investor starts investing in this post office scheme at the age of 19 and takes a sum insured of Rs 10 lakh, he will get Rs 31.60 lakh after investing in the scheme for 55 years. If the investment in the policy is continued for five more years, then after 60 years of investment, he will get Rs 34.60 lakh.

This is also a great investment scheme

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is also good for investment. In this, the interest amount received on the money you invest is divided into 12 parts. Then money is given to you on a monthly basis. At present, 6.6% interest rate is being offered on the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office. In the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office, you can open a joint account either alone or in association with someone. You can invest a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh in this scheme alone, while up to Rs 9 lakh can be invested in a joint account.



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