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Prem Qaidi was rejected due to b*k*ni, Ayesha Julka revealed after years

Ayesha Julka says, “I am still a part of Bollywood and not only seen on screen. She says that she is getting many offers to work on films, web-series and TV. She says that I like Waiting to do roles that can give me satisfaction as an actress.

You remember, Ayesha Julka, who worked with films like ‘Khiladi’, ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’, ‘Himmatwala’, Waqt Hamra Hai ‘,’ Chachi 420 ‘in the 90s with her strong smile and sparkling eyes. I had ironed my acting. The talented actress distanced herself from films after the 2010 film Ada … A Way of Life. After this Ayesha came back with ‘Genius’ in 2018 after many years. Recently Ayesha told many things about her Bollywood journey and films during an interview.

Offers are available for working in films and web series

In response to the question of how she keeps herself busy when she is away from Bollywood, Ayesha says, “I am still a part of Bollywood and not only seen on screen. She says that she has to be on films, web-series and TV There are many offers to work. She says that I am waiting to do roles that can give me satisfaction as an actress. She says that though she keeps herself busy with animal work. I am writing a script as well. I am also reading something, that is, I am doing a lot now. ”

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It was the right decision to stay away from Bollywood after marriage

Ayesha says that she started working at a very young age. So when she got married, she wanted a normal life. And he also enjoyed his married life a lot. She says that it was the right decision to distance herself from Bollywood after marriage.

Husband supported at every step

On the question of children, she says, “I don’t have children and I didn’t want to. I spend most of my time doing my work and social work. And I am happy that my decision has been good for the whole family. Sameer is a very good husband, as well as a good person. He has extended my life by giving me complete freedom to express myself in every phase of my life and supported me in whatever I wanted to do. I never felt any pressure. I feel really happy and lucky for her. ”

No more struggle for breaks in films

How did Bollywood enter in spite of not having a film background? In response to this question, Ayesha says, “I won some beauty contests in the 80s, like Miss Delhi, Miss Mussoorie. Also did a commercial for Raymond. Gautam Rajyaksha clicked my pictures and in the industry Circulated. After which I got offered my first film, ‘Kurbaan’ with Salman Khan in 1989. At that time I was very young but thankfully I didn’t have to struggle much. After that, I never thought that my The journey to Bollywood will last so long. I got all the support of my family. I was very lucky that things were very easy for me. I took whatever came to me and let it go, thinking that it was not mine. Was. ”

Prem prisoner rejected because of bikini

At the same time, she says that she could not work in Mani Ratnam’s Roja due to the date issue, in order to reject the film. And for this he has great regrets. Apart from this, he also rejected Rama Naidu’s love prisoner because in this film he was asked to wear a bikini.

Now Bollywood has changed a lot

At the same time, she says that Bollywood has changed a lot now than before. The world has also changed a lot. At that time there was not much technology, now our films are technically sound. Things are progressing every day.

Wants to work again with Aamir Khan

At the same time, she says that in today’s time there are many good actors such as Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor. She would like to work with him. But she wants to work with Aamir Khan again because she is a great actor.

In the end Ayesha says that she has nothing to do with anything. She says that I think whatever has to happen let it happen. We should not sit down and think that it should not happen. In fact, I like to focus on the things that happened.



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