Procedure To Convert HDFC Credit Card Bill To EMI

Procedure To Convert HDFC Credit Card Bill To EMI

Private bank HDFC is providing customers with the online conversion of credit card bills into EMI. Generally, converting credit card payments to EMI implies transforming it into a loan. You can convert the HDFC credit card bill to EMI using this facility. It is a special available service. For transformation, however, you must be eligible for this task. However, the purchase of gold or other jewellery by credit card is not eligible to EMIs. In addition, purchases that have been carried out for 60 days or longer can not be factored. First, check the eligibility of your credit card in order to be eligible for the procedure. You can use either NetBanking or Phone Banking to undertake the qualifying standards check.

How to convert HDFC Credit Card Payment Into EMI?

By following the below-mentioned steps you can check your eligibility and thus apply for HDFC Credit Card Bill Into EMI facility.

  • Visit the HDFC net banking page and sign in to net banking account
  • Now click on the ‘Cards’ option and select ‘Transact’, then the SmartEMI option under the credit card section.
  • Now an unbilled transaction page will appear on your device screen where you have to select your specific HDFC credit card.
  • Now opt Debit as your transaction type and then click on ‘View’
  • A list of your SmartEMI entitled Credit Card transactions will display where you have to click on the ‘Click’ option to know your eligibility.
  • In order to convert a particular transaction to EMI you have to click on ‘Click’. A comprehensive review of the transactions will appear, including the number of the card, the overall spending cap, the amount of the loan, the interest rate and the tenure. Choose the tenure that is most acceptable for your repayment. Depending on your eligibility, the interest rate is calculated, and if you click on the preferred tenure, you can see this rate.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and then a final summary of your EMI details will appear
  • Confirm the transaction and you will get an acknowledgement message and reference loan number on your registered mobile number with the bank via SMS.
  • You have succeeded in converting your online HDFC Credit Card bill into EMI and hence your loan is processed and approved successfully by the bank.

Note: Through HDFC Bank NetBanking on your unbilled amount, you can choose for SmartEMI. Follow the PhoneBanking method to convert the billed amount into EMIs.



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