Productivity Linked Bonus – Ministry of Railways sent proposal to Ministry of Finance to give 74 days bonus


Railway employees’ organizations are now pressurizing the board to give bonuses. Top officials of employee organizations raised the issue of giving bonuses on Sunday in a meeting with Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav. There has also been a demand from the employees’ organization to withdraw the order on the night allowance.

Leaders of the employees’ organization say that there is unease over the bonus. Till last year 78 days bonus was given. This year the Railway Ministry has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Finance to give a bonus of 74 days. The bonus will be available only after the approval of the Finance Ministry. After talks on various issues, NCRS General Secretary RP Singh said that talks have been held on a total of 14 points, including withdrawal of bonus bonus and night allowance.

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NCRES General Secretary said that bonus of railway employees should not be stopped. During the crisis like Corona, when every person was imprisoned in the houses, the railway employees worked hard throughout the day. The entire railway structure for the operation of goods trains continued to work. Special trains started operating in lockdown. According to the General Secretary, the Sakratmak announces on behalf of the board. The Assistant Divisional Minister of NCRES told that the issues related to employees are also to be discussed in the executive to be held in Jhansi.



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