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Property Rights: Brother-in-law (Jeeja) can divide brother-in-law’s land (sala); understand the legal rule of division

Property Dispute Cases: In many court decisions, it has been made clear that daughters have equal rights in property. Their consent is necessary before any division.

Jhansi. Division of property and land often becomes a reason for dispute. Division of property in the family becomes a big issue. A question that also arises is whether daughters have rights over property or not. If a person dies and there is no will, then how will the property be divided between his son and daughter. What is the procedure in case the daughter is married.

Daughter’s equal share

To know the answer to this, we spoke to Dr. Lal Krishna, OSD of Bundelkhand Industrial Development Authority. He told that according to the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Code, property is divided equally between unmarried daughters and sons in inheritance. If the daughter wants, she can leave her share of property after her marriage. Pressure cannot be put on the daughter for this.

Consent is very important

Dr. Lal Krishna told that if the dispute related to division reaches the Sub-Divisional Magistrate i.e. SDM Court, then the consent of all the shareholders whose names are written in the government document is necessary there. In this, it is also necessary to take the consent of the daughter and sister. Only after this the process can move forward. In many court decisions, it has been made clear that the daughter has equal rights in the property. Their consent is necessary before any division.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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