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Property Tax: Big News! Pay this tax immediately on buying a new flat, land and house or else the property will be confiscated

Property Tax: If someone has bought land or a house, he will have to pay property tax to the municipal body on a six-monthly and yearly basis, otherwise he may have to pay a heavy fine. Also, the property can be confiscated.

Property Tax: If you have bought any land, flat, house or building, then you have to pay property tax. It is mandatory to pay property tax on any kind of immovable property, which has to be deposited in the concerned body. The owner of immovable property has to pay property tax on six months or yearly basis. If you do not pay this tax, then you will have to face many problems along with penalty.

What are the things in property tax?

Property tax is paid in the same way as a person with regular income pays tax. According to the Municipal Corporation Act 1888 (MMC Act), property tax on behalf of the municipal body includes sewerage tax, general tax, education cess, street tax and betterment charges. Property charge is paid twice a year in six months in many cities.

What will happen if this tax is not paid?

Property tax is sent to the owner of the house or land. If he fails to pay it, then penalty or interest or both can be recovered. After this, a warrant is issued by the commissioner and 21 days are given. If the tax is not deposited even within these 21 days, then the property can be confiscated. Also, that person will be declared a defaulter and he will not be able to sell his property.

These can also be the problems

Not only the house of the defaulter who does not pay the property tax can be seized, but many other things can happen. The amount of tax can be recovered by selling the property. Also, a case can be registered against that person. Apart from this, in some cases there is a provision of sending him to jail.

If the house is on rent, then who will pay this tax?

According to the rule, if a landlord has given his house on rent, then he will have to pay property tax annually or half yearly. However, if the landlord fails to pay this tax, then the person living on rent in that house will have to pay the property tax. If the tenant also refuses to pay the property tax, then the municipal body has the right to collect it.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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