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Railway Route Stop: Due to heavy rains, train operations on this route have stopped, railway passengers are troubled

Railway Cancelled: It has been decided to stop the operation of trains on Pilibhit-Bareilly and Shahjahanpur route. Flood water from Devha-Khakra rivers in Pilibhit is flowing on the roads. Five feet of water has accumulated in front of Collectorate and Officers Colony on Tanakpur Highway. Rail traffic has been affected the most. Trains have been cancelled here for two days due to flood water on the railway tracks between Pilibhit-Tanakpur.

Railway Cancelled: The wall of an underpass on the railway line going to Bareilly collapsed. This has affected the operation of trains. Train operations between Bareilly-Pilibhit have been stopped for the time being. On the other hand, trains on the Pilibhit-Shahjahanpur route have also been cancelled. Railway technicians have reached the spot and are inspecting.

Due to the flood in the Devha river, several feet of water is already flowing on the Bareilly road. Now, due to the flood water, the wall of an underpass near the Jahanabad crossing on the railway line going to Bareilly collapsed. Due to this, the operation of trains has been stopped. Along with this, train operations have also been stopped due to flood water on the Pilibhit-Shahjahanpur rail section.

There is water on this route since two days

Train operations between Pilibhit-Tanakpur are already closed. Flood water is flowing on this rail route for the second day as well.

The ambulance also got stuck in water in Pilibhit.

Train operation stopped for now

According to Northeast Railway Izzatnagar Division Public Relations Officer Rajendra Singh, a wall of level crossing number 204 on Bareilly railway section has collapsed. After receiving the information, railway technicians have reached the spot. After inspection, a decision will be taken regarding the operation of trains on the basis of the technician’s report.

Rajendra Singh said that for the time being the operation of trains between Pilibhit-Shahjahanpur and Pilibhit-Bareilly has been stopped.

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