Railway Service: Railways canceled 10 more festival special trains, see list before the trip


Railway Service: Due to ongoing farmer agitation in the neighboring state of Punjab, North Western Railway has canceled 10 more trains. At the same time, the route of a train has changed.

Jaipur. Due to the ongoing farmer movement in Punjab, North Western Railway has canceled 10 more festival special trains for November 9 and 10. With this, the route of Dibrugarh-Lalgarh-Dibrugarh rail service has been changed. Due to the cancellation of these train services, the passengers who have made reservations in order to come home on Diwali are facing a lot of problems. They will now have to find another means to come home. According to Sunil Beniwal, Chief Public Relations Officer of

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North Western Railway , the railways have canceled many trains due to farmer agitation. Railways are also facing heavy problems due to the movement. At present, 10 trains have been canceled for the next two days 9 and 10 November and the route of one train has been changed.

These trains have been canceled

01. 02422 Jammoothavi-Ajmer daily – 09.11.20 on
02. 02421 Ajmer-
Jammuutavi daily – 10.11.20 on 03. 04888 Barmer-Rishikesh daily – 09.11.20 on
04. 04887 Rishikesh-Barmer daily – 10.11.20 on
05. 02471 Sriganganagar-Delhi daily – 10.11.20 on
06. 02472 Delhi-Sriganganagar daily – on 10.11.20
07. 04519 Delhi-Bathinda daily – 10.11.20 on
08. 04520 Bathinda-Delhi daily – 10.11.20 on
09. 09613 Ajmer-Amritsar bi-weekly – 09.11.20 on
10. 09612 Amritsar-Ajmer bi-weekly on 10.11.20

The route of this train has been changed

1. Train number 05910 Lalgarh-Dibrugarh rail service which will depart from Lalgarh on 9 November. This railway service will be operated via the converted route Hanumangarh-Sadulpur-Hisar-Bhiwani-Rohtak.

Train schedule disturbed due to Gurjar agitation in Rajasthan

It is worth mentioning that due to the farmer movement in Punjab, due to the Gujjar reservation movement in Rajasthan, North Western Railway is continuously canceling its trains and changing their route. According to the railway, as long as the agitation continues in both the states, the process of cancellation and diversion of trains will continue. Gujjar agitators in Rajasthan have occupied the railway track at Pilupura near Bayana in Bharatpur on the Delhi-Mumbai railroad.


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