Ramkalawan of Bihar became the President of Seychelles, is a priest by profession


Victoria. On the one hand, the first phase of voting was held today in Bihar under the assembly elections. At the same time, in Seychelles President, power has come in the hands of a Bihari people. Yes, Wavel Ramkalawan of Indian origin has been elected President of Seychelles. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi also congratulated Ramkalawan and said that this is a victory of democracy.

Ramkalwan is the leader of the opposition party of Seychelles

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Ramkalwan is the leader of the opposition party of Seychelles. It took 43 years to get the ruling United Seychelles Party out of power. Seychelles gained independence in 1977 and since then the United Seychelles Party had power here. Ramkalawan strongly tasted defeat to his opponent Danny Four. More than 88 percent of the 74,634 eligible voters cast their votes under the voting that lasted for three days. He led his party in the 1998, 2001, 2006 elections. He remained a part of the opposition in all these elections. In the current election, he has secured 54.9 percent votes.

Ramkalawan became a priest after completing his studies , is a priest by profession. Veval Ramkalwan’s grandfather had come from Gopalganj in Bihar and settled in Seychelles. Wavell Ramkalawan was born in Mahe, Seychelles. His grandfather was from Gopalganj, Bihar, India. Ramkalawan did his schooling from college to college in Seychelles. After this, he went to Mauritius to study religious studies. He became a priest after completing his studies.

Amendments will be done in agreements

In 2015, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Seychelles, he signed some agreements. Now the amendment is expected after Ramkalawan becomes the President. This is especially because the new president is widely expected to be politically strong when the next parliamentary election is held. According to the Seychelles media, as leader of the opposition, Ramkalwan has always spoken of protecting the land of the country, citing the rules related to the environment.

India wants to build a base for navy on an island here. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar also spoke to his then counterpart Barry Foray in Seychelles in March this year. But the opposition had blocked it. Fauré had made it clear that he cannot agree on this without the approval of Parliament. Ramkalwan, who is now the President of the country, then protested that the island of Seychelles, which is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, has the largest population of giant turtles.

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