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Rani Chatterjee became a Congressman, said – Sita is not going to be made of Geeta, glamor will remain

Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee has surprised her fans by joining politics in the past. By sharing a picture with Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on her social account, Rani has indicated that she is now planning to go into politics along with acting.

Seeing the picture of Rani Chatterjee with Priyanka Gandhi, the fans are speculating that Rani has now got a ticket from Congress. However, while talking to Aaj, clarifying this, she says that at present she is not contesting the election, now she has been made the brand ambassador.

Giving clarification on her post, Rani says, I am campaigning for Congress in UP. So let me clear to the fans that I am not contesting elections now. If given a chance, I will definitely stand in the election. Although I have started it.

On this campaign of Priyanka Gandhi, Rani says, “Priyanka ji has taken out this campaign for women, it has impressed me a lot.” In this, eight lakh women have been promised jobs. I know that the women of UP are in great need of support. The girls there are very talented, they need to be given a chance by taking them out of the house. I will be campaigning for this campaign as a brand ambassador.

Got a call from Priyanka ji’s office

On joining the campaign, Rani says, I consider myself very lucky in this matter that I was considered worthy. I got a call from Priyanka ji’s office and was told about this campaign. Also asked if you would like to support. I immediately agreed. To be honest, I have never been politically inclined towards any party. I have always been in support of women power, if I am getting an opportunity to do something for the society, then how can I refuse it. As a citizen, we are already seeing what the public is facing at this time, I can see it. So when I got a chance to do something for the public, I came forward.

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Attraction power will increase with my entry

What will change if Rani’s campaign or joining Congress party? On this, the queen says, a little more people will focus on my arrival. Since the government is from some other party now, then the attraction power of the people will increase on my entry. People will think that why I came and how I came. Although many are not clear whether I am fighting or not. I am currently campaigning. I am going to campaign from place to place all over UP. I will keep posting updates. Wherever Priyanka ji calls me, I will go there.

Priyanka Gandhi is very cool

While the queen talks about her first meeting with Priyanka Gandhi, I was very happy to meet Priyanka ji. She talked to me with so much love and said that you can fight. They are very cool. Despite belonging to such a big political family, she is very simple. We also had a lot of casual talks.

I stood in front of the crowd

On future plans related to politics, Rani says, if there is an election next year, then I will stand in it. I see my future in politics. Think, all my heroes are in the BJP and I have jumped into the Congress arena alone. So now my fight is with these fanatics. However, these actors have sent me a congratulatory message. As friends, we do cheer up, but how we will behave as a party, let’s see. I don’t think it will have any effect on my film career.

Rani’s focus will be on issues like inflation and women empowerment

On which issues of the country does the queen want to work? On this, she says, I will definitely talk on some issues, the middle class people of UP are not happy. They are battling inflation. I want to do something on this. A lot has to be done on the upliftment of women. I am associated with a good intention and I know that the above will look after me.

Not walking in khadi sari

The glamorous avatar of Rani has been in social media and films. In such a situation, how aware will they be about the image. In response to this, Rani says, even after becoming a politician, there is not going to be any change in my behavior. She will remain as the queen was. Neither the gym will be missed, nor the film will be missed, nor will the glamor end from my account. Everything will remain. I have not had any rebirth, I will not become Sita from the Gita. I have just shouldered a new responsibility. I play the responsibility here, so I will wear the costumes here, when I do acting, then my outfit will be different there. When I am not doing both, so will Rani Chatterjee. So people stop imagining that I will be seen walking in a khadi sari. I will become the voice of youth, you tell which youngster roams like this.



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