Ration cards sitting at home, know where and how


New Delhi. You may have to detour to government offices for essential things like ration cards. But in one state, the government will carry house-to-house ration cards. Yes, this good news is for the people of Bihar. The ration cards of the people who had applied for the new ration card will be taken by the State Government at home. The Bihar government has prepared a complete plan to provide ration cards to households. The state Government will first start distributing ration cards from the capital Patna. In the first phase of the scheme, 3242 ration cards will be distributed as so many ration cards have been prepared at present. But the rest of the ration cards will also be delivered soon. It does not allow people to detour to the government office.

The rest of the ration cards which the people who have applied for the new ration card will soon get their ration cards. The food and supplies Department of the State is making the remaining ration cards. This will enable the people, especially the poor, to get cheaper grains. Not only that, people will be able to take advantage of all other government schemes. As per the report of KVSRO, 44,000 new ration cards have been made in Patna Sadar mandal which will now be extended to the people. However, not all of these ration cards have been prepared. The remaining ration cards will also be sent very soon and transported to the homes of the people. The good thing is that people will get ration from this new ration card from July.

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How many kinds of ration cards the Bihar government has prepared three categories of ration cards in the state. For the families who are above the poverty line, the APL ration card is made, which will also be called the Ujla card. There will be a pink card for bpl people, which is called bpl card. The third category will include yellow ration cards with Antyodaya Anna Yojana. For your information, the biometric machine of PDS outlets in Patna district of the state has been started by the Department of Food and Supplies, with which the distribution of foodgrains to the ration card holders has also started.

Here are the important information related to ration cards: – Rice at a cheaper price than ration cards in Bihar, Wheat sugar, pulses, etc., get food products and kerosene oil-now you will get your ration card sitting at home easily and do not have to bite the government offices-those who apply for new ration cards will save their time-know that ration cards are necessary to avail various government schemes-the main thing is that you can also use the ration card as an essential document. For example, if you have a driving licence, voter ID card, etc., ration cards can be used as proof-note that those who do not get ration cards in the first phase of the state Government’s scheme will get ration cards in the next phase.https://hindi.goodreturns.in/news/getting-ration-card-sitting-at-home-know-where-and-how/articlecontent-pf32690-014911.html


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