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RBI told you that if your bank account is fraudulent then how will you get all the money back in 10 days!

According to RBI Hacking Alert- If any unauthorized transaction takes place, then all your money can be recovered after that. Vigilance is necessary for this.

RBI Alert: In the growing phase of digital transactions, the incidence of frauds from bank accounts has increased rapidly, where unauthorized transactions take place from the bank account illegally. It has been defined as online fraud, digital fraud or cyber fraud. Hackers take the details of your account and withdraw money from it. Often people sit silent after thinking that the money has been drowned. but it’s not like that. You can get all your money back.

The Reserve Bank of India has given its way. The Reserve Bank says that if there is any unauthorized transaction, then even after that all your money can be recovered. Vigilance is necessary for this. RBI says that by giving information about any such transaction immediately, you can avoid loss.

According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI Alert) – ‘If you have been hurt by unauthorized electronic transactions, then your liability may be limited, but also zero, if you inform your bank immediately.’ If there is any illegal transaction in your account, immediately inform it to your bank. You can avoid giving information without delay. By doing this you can get all your money.

How to get full money back?

Now the question arises in the minds of most people that if there is such a transaction, how will the money be returned? Also, if you complain about the withdrawal of money from the bank account, then from where will the bank return the money. Actually, insurance policy is taken by banks in view of such cyber fraud. The bank will tell all the information about the fraud that happened to you directly to the insurance company and will take the insurance money from it to compensate for your loss. Insurance companies are also giving direct coverage to people to avoid cyber fraud.

Complain in 3 days of fraud

If someone wrongly withdraws money from your bank account and you complain to the bank about this matter within three days, then you will not have to bear this loss. The RBI has also said that after informing the bank within the stipulated time, the amount withdrawn fraudulently from the customer’s account will be returned to his bank account within 10 days. RBI has also said that if the fraudulent report of the bank account is reported after 4-7 days, then the customer will have to bear a loss of up to Rs 25,000.

Insurance can be done for cyber fraud

If you want, you can also get insurance to avoid cyber fraud. Companies like Bajaj Allianz and HDFC Argo provide such insurance. If there is a cyber fraud in your account, then you will get your money back. Due to online transactions, the scope of insurance to avoid cyber fraud has also increased considerably.

The Reserve Bank has issued new guidelines on customer protection, limited liability of customers in unauthorized electronic banking transactions (Customer Protection Limiting Liability of Customers in Unauthorized Electronic Banking Transactions).



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