Reliance Jio will give phones worth more than 30 thousand rupees in just 5 thousand


DELHI: The world struggling with the Corona period is slowly recovering from infection. The same continuous recovery rate is also increasing and the death rate is also decreasing. The government has claimed that half of the corona will disappear by December. Meanwhile, tell you that Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio is going to give big gifts to customers once again. According to experts, the 5G smartphone will be launched soon.

Reliance Jio is going to give a big deal to the customers once again after taking a hit in the telegram sector and fiber sector. By promoting Made in India, Reliance Jio is now going to make smartphones for Indians themselves. If the company believes it will cost about 5 thousand rupees, but if the demand increases, then the phone will be sold in half of 5 thousand rupees directly.

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Let me tell you that Reliance Jio’s smartphone will directly compete with smartphones up to 30 thousand rupees and its price will be so cheap that even every common man will be able to take it. Mukesh Ambani will fulfill the dream of India moving towards Made in India.

Reliance Jio official said that our target is to launch more than 200 million smartphones. In the growing web of internet, the need of smartphone logo is becoming more and more. But the poor people are not able to buy expensive smartphones due to less money. Right now the 5G network is not even launched in India but it will be launched soon.


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