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Revealed the famous actress – can never become a mother, yet boyfriend is not leaving, was trying to get pregnant for 5 years

Payal Rohatgi Wedding: Payal Rohatgi herself has revealed that she can never become a mother and that is why she was not marrying Sangram Singh. However, Sangram Singh does not want to leave Payal for this reason.

Payal Rohatgi Sangram Singh Relation: Actress Payal Rohatgi is doing brilliantly these days in Kangana Ranaut’s OTT reality show ‘Lock Up’. Payal was sometimes seen fighting badly with other contestants in the show and sometimes the actress’s very emotional style was seen. Payal has made many surprising revelations about her personal life in the show. Payal has made one such disclosure regarding her pregnancy and marriage with Sangram Singh.

Been trying to become a mother for a long time

In the show, Payal told that she can never become a mother. Because of this, she is not even marrying Sangram Singh. The actress told that she has been trying to become a mother for a long time, but she is not able to become a mother.

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In relation for 12 years

Payal Rohatgi is dating wrestler Sangram Singh for the last many years. In an episode of ‘Lock Up’, Payal Rohatgi had told that, they have been in a relationship for 12 years and the actress is desperate to marry her. In the past, Payal had shared that, she has been trying to get pregnant for the last 5 years, but she has not been able to and this is one of the reasons for the delay in their marriage.

Not getting married because of not being a mother

She had said that, “We all have our secrets, we choose not to talk about it, because we know that, we are on a reality show, but sometimes certain things trigger something else.” After this, explaining the reason for not getting married, she said, “Sangram and I have not married yet because I am trying to have a child, but I cannot. It’s been 5 years. I’m trying and I can’t, because it doesn’t work.”

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Payal wants Sangram to marry someone else

She had said, “I tell Sangram to marry a girl who can give her a child. I’ve always told them this because I can’t give them the baby. It’s not part of my secret, because I never wanted to reveal it. I never get my eggs frozen, I ask girls to freeze their eggs because they delay in the pursuit of career.

Payal will do surrogacy baby

Payal Rohatgi had also told that, “I will go for surrogacy, Sangram always tells me that he wants a crazy child like me, but I cannot give her. I will adopt a child. Karanvir told me that when you have a child, you will become a mother. Whatever I do, I will become a mother. I will adopt and that’s why I need marriage on paper, because doctors say ‘You are married, bring papers’, they say, not live-in, bring your marriage certificate. I will get married on paper.”



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