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Rupali Ganguly is not happy with ‘Anupama’ before her marriage with Anuj

Rupali Ganguly Wins Award: ‘Anupama’ i.e. actress Rupali Ganguly has captured a big award. She herself has given this information to her fans.

New Delhi: Famous TV show ‘Anupama’ has continuously decorated the TRP crown on its head since last year. This story started from a domestic woman and reached to a business woman, while in the past, romance is being shown fiercely between Anupama Ganguly and Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna), a mother of three children aged 45. Some people are liking this love of #MaAn. Now Rupali Ganguly has won’s award for the show.

Sparkle of victory in eyes

‘Anupama’ i.e. actress Rupali Ganguly is very happy after receiving this award, she herself has posed with it by keeping this award on the table. In the pictures, Rupali is looking very beautiful in a black dress. The gleam of victory is also visible in her eyes. See these photos…

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Awarded in the name of son and husband

While sharing these pictures, Rupali Ganguly has also written an emotional note. Along with this, credit has also been given to all those people due to which she has reached this point. She first dedicated this award to her husband Ashwin and son Rudransh. Along with this, she has thanked Rajan Shahi, the producer of ‘Anupama’. Along with this, she has thanked the directors, writers and all the people of the cast.

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What’s going on the story of the show

On the other hand, if we talk about the show, then in ‘Anupama’, these days Mahabharata is again in the Shah House. Anupama has announced to marry Anuj in protest against the whole world. This time she is seen in opposition to her children and father as well. But in the midst of all this, Baa angrily gave her the bad omen of being a bad omen during the marriage.

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