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Saif Ali Khan shouted at the paparazzi because of Kareena Kapoor Khan- ‘I will break the camera’, the Pataudi couple ran away in the hotel

Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor Khan: An interesting incident related to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan has been told by the paparazzi. During the pre-wedding days of dating, when this couple was spotted by the cameras, they ran to the hotel to hide and then Saif also talked about beating and breaking the camera in anger.

Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor Khan Throwback: Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are one of the most popular couples in B-Town. Thousands gather to catch a glimpse of this royal couple. At the same time, the paparazzi also appear very impatient to capture this couple in the camera. But there was a time when Saif too lost her cool on a photographer when he was spotted with Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Couple was spotted before marriage

This incident is from before the marriage of Saif Kareena. It is said that Saif and Kareena were dating each other in those days and wanted to keep their relationship a secret. In such a situation, when they went out for dinner, the shutterbugs spotted them together and clicked in the cameras. This photographer has revealed the details and it will surprise you. In the video, you can see the photographer telling the whole story of Saif and Kareena clicking together. He says, “We got a tip that Kareena and Saif have reached a restaurant in Bandra for dinner. There was more security outside the hotel.”

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Kareena Kapoor started crying

The photographer told that during this time Saif and Bebo were not happy about clicking together to maintain the secrecy of their relationship. She told, “In a while – suddenly both of them came out together. As soon as the pictures were clicked, Kareena Kapoor started screaming and said ‘Please don’t do this. You don’t leave my photo’.” And Saif was very nervous – was about to see her face. It’s like what’s happening.”

Saif Ali Khan’s anger erupted

The photographer continues, “Then both left and went back inside the hotel. By that time we had shot a lot of pictures but we were such that we should get more pictures because those people will come outside. Then Saif got angry and said, ‘You just shot my picture, if you click pictures again, I will beat you. I will break your camera’.

Got married in 2012

Saif and Kareena got married in 2012 and today the couple is enjoying their royal married life in a very spectacular way. Saif Kareena has two sons Taimur Ali Khan and Jeh Ali Khan. This entire family is the star family of B Town. Like Saif Kareena, both her children are also very popular and both have a tremendous fan following.



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