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Sakshi Chopra was seen celebrating New Year in a bo*ld outfit, users said – it does not feel cold?

Ramanand Sagar’s great-granddaughter Sakshi Chopra is known for her bo*ld style. Sakshi is quite famous on Instagram. Also, her bo*ld looks are sometimes seen on the streets of Mumbai.

On Friday evening, Sakshi Chopra was seen celebrating the new year. In such a situation, he has shared some of her pictures, which have become viral. In these pictures, Sakshi Chopra can be seen leaving a restaurant and going towards her car. Meanwhile, Sakshi also poses for the paparazzi’s camera.Talking about the outfit, Sakshi Chopra chose a wrap top and denim shorts for the occasion. Also, he wore black knee high boots. With open hair and black beaded earrings, Sakshi Chopra’s look was a sight to behold.

A post shared by Sakshi Chopra (@sakshichopraa)

On one hand, the fans of Sakshi Chopra are praising her a lot. Some are telling her hot with fire emoji, while some are convinced of her bo*ld look. So at the same time some users are questioning this avatar of Sakshi Chopra.Some users are asking whether Sakshi Chopra does not feel cold. At the same time, some are also angry about the exit of the mask without the witness.

A post shared by Sakshi Chopra (@sakshichopraa)

Talking about the profession of Sakshi Chopra, she is a singer and songwriter. Sakshi Chopra is the daughter of Moti Sagar’s daughter Meenakshi Sagar. Sakshi Chopra lives in Los Angeles, US. Although she has been in Mumbai for a long time.

A post shared by Sakshi Chopra (@sakshichopraa)

Sakshi Chopra also has to face trolls due to her bo*ld style. Sakshi was seen in a strange dress recently. This dress was compared to a sack. Trolls made fun of Sakshi Chopra a lot.



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