Sana Khan left the film industry for the sake of Mahjab, said – Life is more important after death


Bigg Boss’s runner-up and Salman Khan’s co-star Sana Khan created a lot of space in the hearts of people with his style. She also appeared in many Bollywood films with reality shows like Bigg Boss. But Sana Khan has recently decided to leave the film industry and follow the path of religion. Information about this, the actress herself has shared a long post. With this, Sana Khan said that she is requesting all the brothers and sisters not to give me a party for any work in the film industry. Thank you very much.

In his post, he wrote the reason for leaving the film industry, writing, “This life is actually to improve life after death.” And it will be better in the same condition, when the man lives according to the spades of his producer and does not make wealth and fame his only purpose. Rather avoid life of crime and kill humanity. That is why I proclaim today that from today onwards, I leave my life of ‘showbiz’ (film industry) and do my best to walk on the authority of humanity and the dictates of my creator. ”
Sana Khan further wrote in her post, “I request all my brothers and sisters that you should pray for me that Allah Ta’ala may accept my wish.” Similarly, according to the spades of my own Khalik of Iinda and in defense of humanity, I would like to spend my life and have a good luck. ” He further wrote in his post, “Finally I request all my brothers and sisters not to give me a treat for any work of ‘showbiz’. Thank you very much. ”

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