Sana Khan wrote romantic post for Shauhar, showing mehndi of hands to express love; Started giving reactions


Sana Khan Marriage Photos: Sana Khan has recently shared some more pictures in which she is seen expressing love for her husband. So that’s where Sana’s husband Anas Syed ..

After the breakup from dancer and choreographer Melvin Lewis, Sana Khan made a distance from the glamorous world, now Sana Khan has married. Sana Khan is sharing a lot of beautiful pictures in her bridal wear on social media these days. Sana Khan has recently shared some more pictures in which she is seen expressing love for her husband. So at the same time, Sana’s husband Maulana Mufti Anas Khan also shared a post for wife Sana Khan on Instagram for the first time and also wrote a love filled message.

Seeing these posts of Sana, her fans are very happy and commenting in the excitement and wishing them well. Sana was shocked to hear the news of sudden wedding fans. Now photos of Sana are coming out one after the other. A post is done by Sana showing her mehndi hands. Sharing this post, Sana wrote for her husband Saeed – ‘If my love was not so sure, the color of my mehndi would not be so dark.’

Mina of Sana also posted a post tagging her on Insta. This is her first post on Insta. In such a situation, after posting the name of her wife, she wrote in the caption – ‘And what are the values ​​of your Lord? Thank you for coming to my life and making this journey beautiful. Thank you for your love and support. May this blessings always remain happy. ‘

Seeing these pictures and captions, Sana’s fans were seen praising their pair. Someone said – your prayers were accepted. So someone said – you took a good step. Someone said – Happy new life started.

Let me tell you, Sana Khan, who worked with Salman Khan in the film ‘Jai Ho’ and Bigg Boss, suddenly took the decision to leave Bollywood. Prior to this, Sana Khan had an affair with famous choreographer Melvin Lewis. Both also had a wedding plan. But Sana later accuses Melvin of cheating on her in a relationship. After this, the paths of both were separated.


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