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Sania Mirza was caught in this condition in the hotel with Shahid Kapoor, revealed after years

Sania Mirza, who is famous all over the world with tennis, has been famous all over the world for her amazing game. But along with this, she was also in the headlines for her personal life. You must be thinking that the reason for this would be to marry a Pakistani boy. This is the reason, but there was another reason along with it due to which Sania came in the discussion. Actually, before marriage, the discussion about the relationship between Sania and Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor was in full swing. Once he was also seen in Shahid’s hotel room. After which their relationship was sealed.

According to reports, the two met through a common friend. At that time Shahid and Kareena had a breakup. In such a situation, Shahid got Sania’s shoulder to forget his sorrow. Both started dating each other. During this Shahid was shooting for the film ‘Kaminey’.

Sania was spotted several times on the sets of the film. After which one day the waiter saw both of them together in a hotel room in Bangalore. However, in the meantime, where Shahid’s name started being associated with many big heroines of Bollywood. At the same time, news also started coming that Sania is in a relationship with a Telugu star. In such a situation, the relationship between the two soured and both of them separated.

Even during a show, Sania was asked a question about Shahid. In which his answer reveals to some extent that Sania and Shahid were in a relationship. Actually, when Sania was asked whether she has not been approached by any Bollywood actor yet? To which Sania replied that this never happened to her. After that he was asked that your name was in a lot of discussion with actor Shahid Kapoor.

So Sania replied immediately to this, she doesn’t remember, it was a long time ago. She used to travel a lot so this cannot happen. After which he was asked that out of Shahid, Ranveer and Ranbir, with whom would you like to marry, hookup? On this Sania smiled and said that I would like to hookup with Ranveer, marriage with Ranbir and do all the work of Shahid.

Well, at the moment both have moved on in their respective lives and are happy to get married. Where on one hand Shahid has married Mira Rajput. On the other hand, Sania has also married Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik.



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