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SBI Alert! SBI issued alert for customers, after this the bank will not be responsible, Check alert immediately

SBI Alert! If you are also an SBI account holder then this news is for you. Actually SBI Bank has alerted its account holders. Along with this, it has also been said that after this the bank will not be responsible.

State Bank of India has warned its customers not to share their bank and other financial information on public platforms like social media under any circumstances. The bank has clearly said that if a person shares his banking and financial details on any public platform and because of that any kind of fraud happens to that person, then the bank will not be responsible in this matter. .

But, why did the country’s largest bank give this warning to its customers, what happened after all that State Bank of India had to issue such a warning, let us know.

After all, what is the whole matter-

This whole matter is related to the wrong transaction of a customer. Actually, a customer of State Bank had lodged his complaint by tagging the Twitter account of State Bank of India regarding the wrong transaction done from the account. The customer also shared many important information related to the bank in his complaint lodged on Twitter. The customer’s move received a reply from the State Bank which read, “Please do not share your banking or personal information publicly on this platform for security reasons.

The Bank will not be responsible for any loss arising out of this. We recommend that you remove this information immediately. You can post your point again by removing such sensitive information. Our advice is that you contact us through DM.

Be careful while registering a complaint-

If you also have any problem related to any bank account, then while registering a complaint on social media, do not share any kind of confidential information related to your bank account even by mistake. If you do this then there can be a big cyber fraud with you. In such a case even the bank will not help you.

The State Bank of India has warned in clear terms regarding such cases that if a customer shares information related to his bank account on social media and because of that a fraud happens to you, then the bank will not be responsible for it.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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