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SBI Bank Alert : New Rules from July 1!

State Bank of India SBI Bank, the country’s largest bank, is coming up with new rules from July 1. State Bank customers must know these rules. If you go into full details regarding Bank Rules ..

State Bank of India has revealed that charges for various items such as check books and ATM cash withdrawals are changing. The implications are that customers must understand them or not.

If you look at the new rules .. These rules only apply to basic savings accounts. Money can be withdrawn from an ATM only 4 times a month without any charges. Charges will be levied if exceeded four times. Similarly, the same restrictions apply to withdrawing money at bank branches.

Exceeding four times will incur a charge of Rs.15 per transaction. If this is the case, even if you go to a bank branch and withdraw money, the same charges will be levied if the limit is exceeded. If you look at the rules regarding check book .. State Bank of India has also changed the check book rules. However, SBI offers a free 10-page check book for a basic savings account.

But then you have to pay the charges for each check book. State Bank of India (SBI) has charged Rs 40 for a 10-page check book, Rs 75 for a 25-page check book and Rs 50 for an emergency check book. But senior citizens do not have these rules.



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