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SBI Customer Alert: If you withdraw money from SBI ATM, know these new rules or else the fine will be levied

If you withdraw money from State Bank of India (SBI) ATM, be a little more careful. The reason? The largest government bank in the country has issued a new rule regarding ATM with money withdrawal. It is said that on every transaction that failed due to insufficient balance, the user will now have to pay fine. If you are putting more amount than the amount in your bank account, while withdrawing from the ATM, then your transaction will fail. Then the bank will also charge you money for this failed transaction. how Much? 20 rupees plus GST.

This penalty has to be paid only if your transaction fails due to insufficient balance. If the transaction fails due to any technical deficiency or due to lack of cash in the ATM, the bank will not impose a penalty on you. This is their mistake.

This is how you can avoid this fine
Now how to avoid this fine? There is only one way – keep information about your account balance and withdraw money from ATM within its limit. For information on account balance, SBI is an account balance calling service by hitting a missed call. Customers can also know the balance by calling care. You can check the account balance even before withdrawing money at ATM. Or use online SBI, you can take information from there. The toll free number of SBI can be seen in this tweet.


If there is talk of ATM, then we give an old but also useful information. SBI Metro City customers get 8 free ATM transactions per month. 5 from SBI ATMs and 3 from other banks’ ATMs. At the same time, this limit is 10 free ATM transactions for non-metro city customers. 5 from SBI ATMs and 5 from other banks’ ATMs. The bank charges for more transactions.

Big rules had changed last year too
SBI had also brought this rule in September -2020 that if you have to withdraw 10 thousand or more money from SBI ATM, then it will not be enough to just enter the PIN. You will also have to enter the One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number registered with the bank in the ATM, only then the money will be released.

SBI says that it is taking these steps to make withdrawals from ATMs even more secure. An RBI report states that in the year 2018-19 due to digital transactions, banking frauds amounting to about 71 thousand crores. Earlier in the year 2017-18, this figure was about 41 thousand crores rupees. That is why the emphasis is now on making digital transactions and ATM transactions secure.



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