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SBI Customers: Big News! Get a personal loan sitting at home at zero processing fee! How to see whether loan will be available or not!

New Delhi. State Bank of India (SBI) has offered Personal Loan on Low Interest Rates to its customers at very low interest rates. Apart from this, the bank has said that it will provide loans to customers at Zero Processing Fees.

This personal loan of SBI can be applied for at any time. Meaning if you apply for the loan even during the night, then there will be no problem. You just have to do 4 clicks on the YONO app and you will get the loan.

However, not everyone will get this loan. The customers who meet certain rules set by the State Bank of India, only those customers who have been selected for the loan can get the loan. To get more information related to this, you can visit the official website of the bank at

The largest public sector lender has recently tweeted about this offer. In its tweet, the bank has told the benefits of this offer being given on personal loan. The bank has said that with low interest rate, zero processing fees, we help you choose the right one. For SBI Personal Loan, customers will have to pay only 9.60 percent annual interest. Zero Processing Fee will be applicable only if the loan is taken before 31st January 2022.

How to get this loan

To get this loan, you must have SBI’s YONO app. If you are on YONO and eligible for the loan, then you can get the loan by following only four steps.

1. First of all the customer has to login on the YONO app.

2. After this the customer has to tap on ‘Avail Now’.

3. Then the customer has to fill the time (tenure) and amount (amount).

4. After this the customer has to enter an OTP which came on his mobile. After filling the OTP, the loan amount will be credited to the customer’s account.

How to check whether loan will be available or not

If you want to check whether you can get this personal loan or not, you can also know by SMS to 567676. You have to send SMS to number 567676.



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