SBI gave big warning to crores of customers! Told how an SMS can empty your bank account


State Bank of India (SBI-State Bank of India) has issued a warning for its customers, informing about the new friend. Let’s learn

new Delhi. Cases of online fraud are constantly increasing. In such a situation, State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning for its customers. The SBI said in a tweet that how people can become victims of a new type of virus, and knowing that there is no alert and they make a mistake. In a very creative way, SBI has divided it into three parts, Swarga Lok, Dharti Lok and Patal Lok.

In this, the users of Hades have been described as Hades for the infected users who have been online banking Cerberus Trojan malware. It has been told that there are such users of Swarga Loka, who are always at risk of fraud. The users of Prithvi Lok are considered to be those who know about this malware and threat and yet they click on unknown links. At the same time, the users of Patal Lok have been infected.

The Trojan malware that came to light is actually the work of stealing banking details of users. These details include credit card numbers, CVV and other data. In addition, after hunting the Victims with the help of Trojans, their personal information and two-factor authentication details can also be stolen. Frauders have also become more active than before during the Corona virus lockdown. Users are advised not to click on any unknown link and download the app only from Play Store or App Store.

how this dangerous virus makes people to hunt-Account holders are being targeted with the help of dangerous malware named Cerberus. This malware fake sends information to users about large offers by sending SMS and makes them a victim after clicking on unknown links or downloading apps. The purpose of such apps is to clear the hands of the account holders.

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