Secret Trick: Has anyone blocked your phone number? Find out like


How to Check If Someone Blocked Your Number: The call blocking feature in Android phone is useful to stop people making spam calls, but also used to block people making genuens i.e. actual calls for personal or other reasons. can go.

Now it is really easy to block any call in Android or iPhone. This helps block spammers and telemarketers. Still, it cannot be denied that this feature can also be used to block your call. This can happen either intentionally or even unconsciously.

If you want to find out whether your number has been blocked or not, then you cannot find out through this message. For this, you have to call the front number. Only then you will be able to know whether someone has blocked your call or not.

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The blocked number can be detected in such a way that the number on which you are in doubt, you call on it, if the phone gets busy again and there is a possibility that your number has been blocked.

Find out like

When you call someone, there are usually 5 to 15 rings. But if your call is going directly to voicemail after only one ring or without ring, then it can be a sign that your number is blocked.

Do not guess this at once. Call your contact for one or two days to confirm. If this happens again and again, then that person has blocked your number using the blocking feature in his phone.

If your call is disconnected, try calling from another number. A long ring goes from the second number and if the call arises, then it can be said with certainty that your number has been blocked.

Number is blocked inadvertently also

If the call is going from another number and not from your number, then it becomes clear that your number has been blocked. If you want, you can ask to unblock your number by calling or messaging from another number. Knowing too many times the number gets blocked unknowingly.


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