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Send your live location on WhatsApp with three clicks, learn more tricks like this

There are a lot of features for users on WhatsApp, with the help of which you can make your work easier. Also with the help of live location features, you can also avoid wandering on new paths.

WhatsApp Best tricks: Often we find the house of our family members after reaching a new location and sometimes are quite upset. But do you know that WhatsApp has a feature called Location, with the help of which you will never wander on new paths and reach your family very easily. Actually, WhatsApp has the features of live location, which can be sent by just three clicks. Let’s know about it.

Difference between Locations and Live Location The

location of the live location changes as well as changing the location of the person. But an ordinary location rests in only one place, even if the person moves from that location to another location.

Here’s how to send your live location

First click: Go to the chat box of the users with whom you want to share the location and click on the attachment icon at the bottom.

Second click: Click on the location name option, after which a new window will open on the screen. Two options for sharing location will appear in this window. To send a live location, select the above option and to send a simple location, the below option has to be selected.

Third and final click: After this, the last option will come in front of the users, which is the third option, in which you can send the live location by clicking on the option sent. Keeping in mind the privacy, the company has given the option of 15 minutes to 8 hours, after which the user’s live location will stop appearing to the receiver.

WhatsApp’s old chat is such

a very important content and message on WhatsApp that we use later, but sometimes it takes a long time to find the necessary content because it has to scroll to find it. In such a situation, there is both a waste of time and trouble. But if you want, you can bookmark the chat to avoid this. For this, that chat of users will have to be marked with a star. It can be easily searched later. To make the chat a book mark, click on that chat for a while and then tap the star option above.

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notifications will not be useful in the office, where the notifications of smartphones are very useful for us, while they also cause a lot of hindrance in office work. In such a situation, you can also login your WhatsApp in the computer’s web browser Chrome. In such a situation, without wasting time, you can check the necessary notifications and ignore the unnecessary chats.



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