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Shah Rukh Khan’s swag and looks… You will be surprised to see the pictures of King Khan’s lookalike, who is Ibrahim Qadri?

If you are a fan of King Khan of Bollywood, then you will be surprised to know someone who looks like him. Just like we have seen the lookalike of most of the celebs, in the same way King Khan also has a lookalike, who looks very much like Shahrukh Khan. You too will be surprised to see this person.

The name of this lookalike of Shahrukh is Ibrahim Qadri. Ibrahim Qadri is one of the most popular social media stars. He looks like Shahrukh Khan. This is what made his identity. Seeing his many poses, profile looks on Ibrahim’s Insta page, you will get confused between reel and real Shahrukh.

In a conversation with Humans of Bombay, Ibrahim spoke about the benefits of looking like Shahrukh. He says- When my friends and I saw Raees, everyone surrounded me for selfies. On one hand I was enjoying this attention. But looking like King Khan has also had side effects.

‘I was caught in a crowd of people and someone held me so tightly that my T-shirt got torn. Things got so bad that I had to call the police to get out of the stadium safely.

Ibrahim says that he enjoys all the attention. Because of this, he has taken the doppelganger business industry seriously. He says – people are very excited every day to meet me. Because of him, I took my King Khan like person seriously and became his lookalike.

‘I started watching all his films and followed his methods.’ Ibrahim told that because of his resemblance to Shahrukh, he is also called in the wedding function. He says – I have got invites many times as a special guest in weddings. I enjoy dancing with the crowd on Chaiyya Chaiyya. I feel special around him. This feeling tells me that what I am doing is worth it.

Ibrahim wants people to know him by his real identity. He says – The more I respect Shahrukh, the more I want people to know me beyond my looks. But it is also true that if in the world, I wanted to look like anyone, it would be Shah Rukh Khan.

Qadri has not met King Khan yet. They want to meet their idol personally. It is Qadri’s dream to meet King Khan. It has to be seen when this dream of Ibrahim Qadri is fulfilled. Ibrahim is very active on social media. He has 124k followers on Insta.



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