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Shahrukh and Kajol caught by UP police after 25 years, made this film

After 25 years, the UP police has warned those who board a moving train through this scene of the film. This 23-second clip remains the subject of discussion.

Prayagraj: A film prepared by the UP Police is in the news these days. Millions of people have seen this film on the social media platform within a week. Many people are sharing this and commenting on it. Through this film, the UP Police has instructed people to avoid it by telling about a big mistake made by cine stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol 25 years ago. You should also know what such big mistake Shahrukh and Kajol made 25 years ago, about which the UP Police is now warning people.

There will hardly be a person among you who has not seen Yash Raj Pictures’ Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which was released almost 25 years ago. You will also remember the last scene of the film. In the last scene, when Amrish Puri speaks leaving his daughter Kajol’s hand – Ja Simran ja, live your life, Kajol runs on the platform and holds Shah Rukh Khan’s hand in the running train. This last scene of this superhit film was so emotional that people get lost in it and forget that Kajol had not only broken the Railway Act rule while running the running train and had also risked her life. . Shah Rukh Khan was also seen as an assistant to Kajol in this work.

Nora Fatehi recreates her song Chhod Denge, accompanied by choreographer Adil khan fiercely Noir

However, after 25 years, the UP police has now warned those who board a moving train through this scene of the film. After applying this climax scene of the film DDLJ in his short awareness film, UP Police has written that it is necessary for Simran to be alive to live his life. It is written at the end of the film that it can be fatal to climb in a moving train. This film released on social media is very much discussed. Thousands of people have retweeted it on Twitter so far. All the wings and officers of Prayagraj police have also retweeted this. Prayagraj’s DIG Best Tripathi says that publicity to make people aware through the film is proving very effective. Because of seeing more people, the purpose of preparing and making films is also being fulfilled.

This 23-second clip is a cause for discussion

This 23-second clip, which was created with the aim of making Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol aware of the mistake and making people aware through it, remains the subject of discussion. People are impressed by seeing this, and at the same time are talking about implementing its message. Advertising expert Vinod Pandey says that due to the scene of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s super hit film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, the UP Police’s campaign is showing tremendous impact. According to Aftab Ahmed, the computer center operator, the message given through Shahrukh and Kajol is going to affect.

The mistake that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol made 25 years ago has become a means of warning people through their same mistakes today. The ABP network also appeals to you not to attempt to board a moving train, as it is not only against the law, but can also be a threat to your life.



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