Shakuntala Devi: Genius, stubbornness and arrogance! Lonely life in search of love


Shakuntala devi movie review As the name of Shakuntala becomes illuminated, the distance from the family increases. My own family left first. There was no entry in the life of the husband’s family. The daughter is the only support but she left the mother for her love.

Shakuntala Devi’s brain used to run faster than a computer. She used to play with numbers. She used to solve the biggest questions in a pinch. He was considered the link after Aryabhata and Ramanujam. His name was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Been honored with many awards. Shakuntala Devi has made a film on her life.

This is the story of an extraordinary talent rich woman who is looking for love. She kept thinking why she could not live her way? It is said that he comes ahead of us as we do. It is understandable how much crime the mother hates when she does not want to have any relation with her daughter Shakuntala Devi. The problem remains the same in Shakuntala’s life. Of love, of faith, of loneliness. Stubbornness and arrogance keep causing problems again and again.

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As soon as talent is identified, the family struggling with poverty makes it a means of earning. Childhood snatches away. Shakuntala wishes that she goes to school with more children but Appa keeps showing her. The day Shakuntala realizes that he walks home with his money, the same day he starts to feel that now he does not need to be afraid of anyone. This ego creates many difficulties ahead. Appa earns money by doing his math shows but does not spend on the treatment of Shakuntala’s Divyang sister. He dies one day. After this, the gap that arises in the mind of Shakuntala towards Appa and mother is never filled. Shakuntala says that I will never forgive Amma. Will show you as an older woman.

Shakuntala wants to live on her own terms. She is unable to tolerate the infidelity of the lover. Circumstances become such that he has to leave the country. Only Shakuntala can understand how many Jigare’s work was to leave a woman alone in London in 1955. There she achieves everything on her own strength. But in the midst of this, the search for love continues. Love is also available. He also advances Shakuntala. But one day the lover realizes that Shakuntala has become very big in front of him. He leaves her and goes away. Loneliness comes once again in life. But Befikri’s style and love of numbers do not allow Shakuntala to break up.

Like the number, Shakuntala has no confusions in life. He gets his second love from an IAS officer who has a daughter Anu. Life is divided from here. Shakuntala does not understand how she cannot be the best mother in the world. His ego hurts why Baba’s first word came out of his daughter’s mouth. After this, deciding where she will go will take the daughter, causing a rift in life. Daughter-father is cut off, husband and wife are separated. After this, the same thing happened in Shakuntala’s childhood.

Shakuntala was not allowed to go to school because she used to earn money by doing math shows. Shakuntala does not send her daughter to school because what will happen after going to school. She forgets that the child also has the right. Remembering the father, the mother being away even after being with her, the mother’s shows, visits from this country to that country break Anu. She says one place I hate math, I hate mother.

Mother’s dreams are big, daughter’s dreams become small. Mother wants to be famous all over the world, daughter wants to live in peace. The mother does not want to live in any one city for more than 4 days, the daughter wants to spend life with her husband in one place. The daughter gets so irritated that she threatens to ‘divorce’ the mother. Reminds Shakuntala that ‘didn’t you leave your mother’. Distances increase so much that mother-daughter are separated.

Shakuntala finds a reconciled IS husband who does not get into a career. But she also did not approve of becoming the standby of Shakuntala. If the wife can leave her career for the husband, then why can’t the husband do it? This stubbornness separates the two. The husband believes that there is a storm in Shakuntala and it is not right to face the storm.

As the name of Shakuntala becomes illuminated, the distance from the family increases. My own family left first. There was no entry in the life of the husband’s family. The daughter is the only support but she left the mother for her love. Now lonely becomes a date.

The episodes are threaded in such a way that Shakuntala realizes her mistake and Shakuntala’s daughter realizes her mistake. Both understand how important parents are. The mother should be seen not only from the eyes of the mother but also from the eyes of a woman. The film ends with a happy ending but leaves many questions.

Shouldn’t an extraordinary woman have the right to live in an extraordinary way? Is it necessary that one who is far ahead in any field should also prove to be a perfect mother and perfect wife? After all, why should an extraordinary woman think that she has to be perfected not only in her career but also in her personal life? Probably because our social structure is the one where the biggest value of a woman is judged by being a mother. With this, there are many orthodox ideologies which take away all the rights of equality from a woman.

Vidya Balan has done a great job in the film. It is believed that mathematicians are serious, but in personal life, Shakuntala Devi’s sense of humor was appreciated. However, the film has been shown to be more blatant. In one step of the dance, there is a slight glimpse of the dirty picture. The rest of the characters have also acted well. Sanya Malhotra has also attracted attention in the role of Shakuntala’s daughter Anu. She has been successful in bringing the pain that occurs between a mother and father to sons and daughters. How the mother becomes an acetrologer and leader from a player of numbers. With this, how much life becomes lonely, it can be seen in Anu’s eyes. But the film rests on Vidya’s shoulders.

Overall, this movie is worth watching once. The story of an extraordinary woman who struggled to find love all her life. He tried hard to improve himself but his extraordinary talent did not let him bow down. She could not be with her parents. Husband’s love could not be found for a lifetime.



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