Chatra News: Shame on love relationship, young man marries aunt


Chatra, Jas. Chatra News, Jharkhand Hindi Samachar In Jharkhand, a case of shaming the aunt-nephew’s relationship has come up. Actually, a Kalyugi nephew got married to his aunt. The case is of Chatra district. The two married at the Shiva temple located on the Heru River in the city. Now the situation has become such that after this marriage the son has become the father-in-law of the father and the sister who used to be the sister of the boy’s mother has become the sister-in-law.

Let us tell you that the love affair of Lakshman alias Sonu Rana, son of Ashok Rana, resident of Raxi village, was going on with his cousin aunt Soni Kumari for the past one year. Soni is the daughter of Indradev Rana, resident of Kandinagar village in Rajpur police station area. Here both of them got married in the Shiva temple on Herua river on Friday. As soon as the information of this marriage was received by the people of the village as well as the householders, people started opposing it. Somehow they ran away from there and hid somewhere.

After spending the night somehow, both of them surrendered at Sadar police station. As both of them were attentive, the local police summoned the families of the two and explained and left them on PR bond. Here the relatives of both of them have refused to accept the marriage of both of them as legitimate. But both lovers remained adamant on living together. In such a situation, due to both of them being adults, they were extinguished and got married with the help of their families. Here, when both the bridegrooms reached the bride’s house, there was a stir in the village.

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