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Shami’s wife Haseen Jahan again in headlines, father made serious allegations, eviction from property

Cricketer Muhammad Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan is once again in the limelight. This time his own parents have made serious allegations against him and have declared to break all ties, ousting him from their property. A notice to this effect has been sent to Hasin Jahan by her father and has also made public publication of the declaration of eviction from Bajabta property and termination of all relations with her daughter.

Hasin Jahan’s father, Muhammad Hussain, told that he had four children – a son and three daughters – among Haseen Jahan, the second daughter. His only son, Tariq Parvez alias Bunty, who died of Covid last year was his only support. Soon after the death of his son, Hasin Jahan illegally occupied all the movable and immovable properties of his brother and even his household items. Hasin Jahan has seized two trucks, car, bullet bike, hotel, petrol pump, coal mine and life insurance policy documents worth lakhs of rupees in his son’s name, which he is not entitled to in any way. Amit Kumar Singh, advocate of the Supreme Court and appearing for Muhammad Hussain in this case, said that according to the Muslim Personal Law, the property of the deceased son while the father is alive is inherited by his father and not a married sister.

Allegations of assault and harassment

Hasin Jahan’s mother Najma Khatoon told that both she and her husband are diabetic patients. Both of them have to inject insulin thrice a day and about 15 thousand monthly are spent on the medicine. After the death of the son, he has no money for treatment and no one to take care of him. Haseen Jahan abuses and beats her when she asks for her son’s property. Due to the influence of his daughter, even the police do not listen to his complaint and do not take any action on him. Hasin Jahan’s parents have filed a case in the Calcutta High Court seeking justice for freedom from torture and illegal possession of property against their own daughter.



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