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Shiva lingam found in ancient excavations at Ramjanmabhoomi, know what is the whole matter

  • Construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya continues
  • Older items found during leveling
  • Claimed to get Shivling statue

Construction work has started in many parts after the relaxation of the lockdown 4.0 implemented in the country. According to the rules, construction work is going on, and in the meantime, the construction work of Ram temple has started once again in Ayodhya. After permission from the administration, the work of leveling the Ramjanmabhoomi complex started on behalf of the trust. But during this time something happened that everyone was surprised.

During the leveling here, many old idols were found, the trust claimed that Shivling, idol and some other items were found in the ground here. With the receipt of the idols, there was a barrage of claims, then the statements of people who were parties in the Supreme Court started coming.

What did the trust say?

The entire task of constructing the Ram temple is with the ‘Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra’, an independent trust formed by the central government. The entire land has been handed over to this trust and construction work has started here.

While issuing a statement about some old statues found in the leveling, the trust said, ‘The work of land leveling and removal of gangway in Sri Ramjanmabhoomi complex by Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha area started on 11 May 2020 after permission from Ayodhya administration has gone. All instructions issued due to Corona epidemic are being followed properly.

According to the statement, ’10 workers are currently working in the leveling work. All safety instructions are being properly followed for the epidemic. All necessary provisions including masks, sanitization are being properly followed.

Political rhetoric started after idols

The rhetoric has also intensified after the old idols were found from the premises. Hindu Mahasabha lawyer Vishnu Jain said, ‘During the debate in the Supreme Court, we were accused by the Muslim side of the Hindu Taliban and said that there are no remains of the temple there. The discovery of archaeological sculptures is a response to the allegations that we had been arguing in the Supreme Court.

On the other hand, Iqbal Ansari, who was a party to Babri Masjid, says that now the decision of the Supreme Court has come, in such a situation, we do not want to make any statement. The case has gone on for seventy years and the decision has been arrived at, the case is over from our side. Regarding the idols, he said that whatever has been found there should be respected.

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What do the general ministers of the pilgrimage area say?

As soon as the talk of these years old idols got spread from the Ramjanmabhoomi complex, its discussion started everywhere. A statement was made by Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Area General Secretary Champat Rai about this. He said, ‘.. For the last ten days we were doing the work of leveling the debris. Here a lot was buried under the structure, in which many other objects including stone idol, Shivling have been found.

Trust office will open soon in Ayodhya

At present, an office of the trust engaged in the construction of Ram temple is in New Delhi. But soon one of its offices will also be opened in Ayodhya, which will see the whole work. A new office has been constructed near the premises and all the items of need have also reached.


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